Did you know that the average baby goes through 2,200 diapers in their first year? All those itty-bitty clothes can really add up, turning your child’s wardrobe into an overwhelming mess in no time. We have the solution that will help you keep all of those miniature outfits perfectly organized — the best infant clothes hangers, designed to handle your pint-size fashionistas’ gear. Say goodbye to piles of clothes and hello to a perfectly organized storage system with these top infant hangers. With just one closet makeover, you’ll be ready to turn your nursery from cluttered to curated in no time.

Why You Should Use Infant Clothes Hangers

Infant clothes hangers are crucial for keeping all your li’l babe’s garments wrinkle-free. Not only will they stow them in a way that keeps the itty-bitty ensembles ready to wear at a moment’s notice, but they’ll also prevent major crease-age that could leave Shiloh Exclusive is looking a little less-than-put-together.

Easy Outfit Selection

Establishing specialized sections in baby’s wardrobe system with unique hangers is a system every parent could benefit from. Having all the little tops, bottoms, and sleepers perfectly separated and organized in the closet will make dressing baby a speedy task. No more rummaging through a sea of small T-shirts to find the sleeper that was lost in them all. Reach for it every time from its designated space.

Consider adding tiered baby clothes hangers to your tot’s closet to maximize space. With the ability to hang multiple outfits on the same hanger, this style is perfect for organizing complete ensembles. Take it a step further and group like items (say popular sleepers) together and you’ll be able to easily grab the next size up as baby grows. It will save space and let you quickly find what you need.

Cascading Hangers

Organize your baby’s closet by grouping like clothing (outfits, all onesies) together by size or type. For example, you can hang complete ensembles together (tops together and pants together), or group all onesies in one area so you can quickly find the next one in size.

Flocked Velvet Coating

For baby’s more delicate clothes, like onesies, sleepers, skirts, or ruffled trousers? Flocked velvet coating is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps keep these items in place. This unique touch keeps clothes from slipping off onto the floor. The soft velvet texture gently grips clothing, holding each in place without damaging the fabric.

You might compare it to a tiny, gentle hug for every bit of your baby’s clothing. It gently sticks just enough to prevent slippage, while letting the lines of each piece shine. Say so long to constant rehanging of sweet little tops and bottoms.

Elegant Wooden and Padded Hanger Varieties

Wooden hangers give sophisticated nursery decor.

You’ll be amused at how appealing a nursery closet looks with wooden hangers. They are strong and durable, and for that reason, highly favored. You can depend on yours holding up under the weight of your wee one’s wardrobe evolvement. They bring elegance to the nursery, and you’ll want to keep this look for many years to come.

Choosing the Right Baby Clothes Hangers

Material and Construction

When deciding on baby clothes hangers, make sure that you choose hangers that are truly built to last. Wooden hangers or very durable plastic hangers are ideal and will be with you for years to come. Just make sure that the sides are smooth so that they don’t snag on your little one’s soft fabrics.

It’s important to evaluate the size and weight capacity of the clothes hangers based on your baby’s wardrobe needs. Ensure that they are sturdy enough to bear multiple clothing items without bending or snapping under pressure. For example, heavier winter coats may require a different set of hangers, compared to lightweight onesies.

Best Baby Clothes Hangers for Organized Closets

Summer is in full swing, and some of us are sorting through the past season’s clothes to make room for new. We are, albeit, sharing tiny hangers for clothes and wee shoes to be placed in awesome little closets for our bambinos in this sphere. Try to pick a favorite, and make those closets to be the most organized little wardrobes you can. For your sanity, my wish is that you become as successful as the Duchess has with these little clothes hangers, so all is in its place each morning!