After the official website and social media pages were not functional, a YouTube Group and discussion forum deem Timepiece Gentlemen a fraud. They claimed that they had collected $2000 from hundreds of collectors in the United Kingdom, and offered Rolex watches wholesale at wholesale prices.

People consider the store a fraud because the SquareSpace website and Instagram pages are also down, as is the Dallas office. The store appears to have a lot of watches in stock. Let’s find out more about Timepiece Gentleman Fraud.

About Timepiece Gentleman

Timepiece Gentleman is a well-known store for watches. It is located in the Crescent at the following address: CT #65 Dallas, TX 75201 USA. It offers both in-store pickup and in-store shopping and has a large customer base around the globe.

Timepiece Gentleman is a trusted dealer for Rolex watches. Recently, the store’s website and social media pages were both down. The store’s owners are Anthony Farrer and Marco Nocolini. They came together to create the working business model you see today.

What is Timepiece Gentlemanscam?

A social media and discussion group thought of storing a fraud after their official website and Instagram page went down.

Squarespace’s website is down and their Instagram account isn’t working. The Dallas office has been closed as well. Their gilt logo on their front door has been scratched. This creates suspicion among consumers.

To provide wholesale Rolex watches to different collectors, the store has recently received over $2000 from them. Consumers consider the store a fraud because their official website, social media pages, and store are no longer functioning after they have collected the money. This is Timepiece Gentleman Scand.

Is Timepiece Gentleman a Scam or Real?

Although the Dallas store’s website, Dallas office and social media pages aren’t functional, this doesn’t mean that it’s a fraud.

Many people took to social media and discussion boards to discuss the issue. None of them confirmed that they had looted customers. But, those who supported the group said that they were a well-respected company with a good track record. It seems odd to do such a Gentleman Scam.

We don’t know if the group ran a fraud and stole $2000 cash from customers. Readers will have to wait for confirmation online. Consumers should wait until confirmation is published online.


Timepiece Gentleman, Dallas’ most recognizable store, has thousands of loyal customers around the world. SquareSpace’s website is currently unavailable and their Instagram account is not functioning. This raises suspicions among buyers as they recently received $2000 from collectors and promise to sell Rolex watches at reasonable prices.

People are calling it a Timepiece Gentleman Scam because the website and social media pages do not respond to users. However, it’s not clear if this is a fraud.

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