Shower design and technology has come an exact long way in the past few years with some incredibly advanced designs taking center stage. From essential shower stalls, we’ve moved forwards into moist room land, exactly where total bathrooms have been transformed to capsules that are luxury, perfect for enjoying extended showers – and – now even shower cubicles can become considerably shinier and easier to keep up with new inventions in bathroom wall panels. Wrought iron panels are a reasonably new notion and they certainly seem to be filled with assurance in the beginning.

The nice wall panels in singapore give your home a new appearance with their expert craftsmanship and interesting colour palette.

Find out more about shower wall panels and whether you should opt for one within your bathroom tiles.

What is Your Bathroom Shower Wall Panel?

A bathtub panel is basically a rough, weatherproof and watertight wall covering supposed to be fitted in shower cubicles or even areas. Often sold in package form, they’re a waterproof paneling system which is definitely an alternative to tiles that are more conventional. They come in a vast range of colors and finishes out of marble effect to plain crimson gray, and now there are even models which come with extra sparkles; in the event that you happen to enjoy a bit of glitz from the morning!

Shower wall kits are filled with polishes and sealant so you may pop everything in to place yourself. Guidelines are usually clear and once in-situ they do away with all the worry of grubby grout which is a definite plus for many people.

Because the face of shower wall is non-porous, they truly are not hard to wash. Yet a word of caution: they do not simply take kindly to abrasive cleaners and companies will typically advise an expert cleanup alternative.

Are shower wall panels better than bathroom wall tiles?

This could be the million dollar issue and to answer that you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Shower walls definitely possess an advantage over tiles in that they contain of much less pieces; you’re taking a look at three panels broadly speaking in place of 300 tiles. This would suggest that there will be less chance of damage at the very long term in addition to simpler fitting. However, shower partitions are not to everybody’s preference. Never too traditional in features like tiles, they might not suit a more classically living room but could appear super-sleek in a contemporary bathroom.

Regarding routine maintenance, a quick wipe with anti-bacterial spray ought to realize your bathtub wall looking nearly as great as new in virtually no time whereas tiles want longer with respect to elbow grease. Grout is always an problem with tiles unless you’re super vigilant about cleanup daily and drying the walls off, your grout will normally start off to check a tiny shabby following some decades. Read our hints on removing and replacing grout.

So, shower wall or tiles walls: that is best?

The two options both have their selling things, however in terms of durability it would appear that tiles win the competition. A shower will usually last effectively for around 15 years before it needs replacing, but tiles will have a longer lifespan for those who re-grout sporadically to continue to keep things look fresh and bright. Each option quantify up pretty equally once you examine the pros and the cons and at most probability it’s taste which will dictate many customers’ selections.

Super glossy and modern is that which you obtain with a bathtub whilst tiles are generally going to give a much more customary finish to your bathtub – it’s a matter of preference. Look at your bathroom as it is today, take into account what appearance you truly want and select so simply because each option is equally sound and sensible.