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What is a tier list?
How do you rank a tier list?
Rank anything and everything Collaborate with your friends Share your tier list with everyone  

You can make your opinions known by creating your own free custom tier list. Tier list maker lets you create anything from fun to professional tier list designs in minutes, from TV heroes and video game fighters to candy and fast food items.

What Is A Tier List?

Tier lists have obscure origins, but the video game community created the popular format we see today. In video games, tier lists are used to rank characters based on their favorite to least favorite attributes, or from most powerful to least powerful. There have been tier lists for a variety of things since then, such as soda flavors, snacks, candies, and even football teams. Creating tier lists is a great way to engage with friends and other fans.

How do you rank a tier list?

Tier lists can be ranked in any way, but the most common ones tend to use the alphabet or acronyms that have special meaning to the fan community. The ranking is typically done using the alphabet, with A being the “highest tier”, followed by B, etc.

Rankings might also include the letter “S” at the top, which stands for “super.” You might also find more playful rankings, such as “god tier” at the very top and “everything else” at the bottom. In addition to being color-coded, tier lists can also be customized — the colors are up to you, the creator.

Rank Anything And Everything

You can use tier lists to show off your passions, interests, and even strongly-held opinions. You can rate your favorite Smash Bros characters, pizza styles, and breeds of dogs, too!

A collection of tier list templates has been created by our graphic design team to get your project moving. Use the easy drag-and-drop design editor to swap images or illustrations, add animated elements and text, change colors, and more by picking a template that’s close to your style or subject. By tweaking everything, you can create the ideal tier list in just a few clicks.

Collaborate With Your Friends

It’s fun to make a tier list on your own, however, it’s even better with friends. While you’re ranking characters, foods, or whatever else you’re doing, discuss their merits. Share your design with your collaborators by clicking the share button and granting them edit access. It is now possible to have friends from anywhere around the world editing your tier list, leaving comments, or creating different versions.

Share Your Tier List With Everyone

Once everything is perfect, you can share your tier list! Download it as a high-resolution image file or even a video file from easily customizable Cana Templates. Streaming or social media platforms also allow you to resize your designs accordingly. Encourage everyone to create their own tier lists and have a lively discussion!

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