Tick-Tock Pink Logo: There are great social media holders out there on the internet and people love to use them all. Some of the popular ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, the app has taken the world of digital media by storm, and the best of them is Tik-Tok.

Over 800 million people in the United States use this platform and love to have it with them. But there’s a new pink icon in TikTok, and people want the same.

That’s why we’re here with you and let you understand all the things about getting a pink icon.

A few words about the Tick-Tock Pink Logo

Simply put, the Tick-Tock Pink Logo comes in two different shades, such as dark pink and the other light pink. The pink logo is available not only for tik-tok but also for other apps which include Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Want to know more about these trendy logos in pink shades? Want to know how to download them to your phone and replace the original one as you want? Then scroll down and learn more about all the ins and outs of the Tick-Tock Pink Logo.

Logo codes for Tik Tok

In the United States, there are different codes for the light pink logo, such as the hexadecimal value (# F5C8E5), the cmyk code (0%, 18%, 7% and 4%), and the rgb code (245, 200, and 249). However, the codes for dark pink include the hexadecimal value (# FC5FC5), the cmyk code (0%, 62%, 22%, and 1%), and the rgb code (252, 95, and 197).

How to get a logo?

There is a tendency to change the logo to pink color of all social media apps and the best of all is the Tik-Tok which people love the most. Let’s take a look at the steps below to learn how to get the Tick-Tock Pink Logo:

• First, go to Google Images to search for the pink logo image you want to include in your app and save it to your phone.

• Download and go to the Shortcuts application.

• Touch the “+” sign as shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

• Click “Add Action”.

• Now go to “Open Application” by filling in the search bar and clicking “Actions”.

• Select the application for which you want to change the logo.

• Touch the three dots in the right corner.

• Click to pick up a photo and select the desired image from the gallery.

• Give the app any name and keep it original.

• Tap on the “Add” option and you will see the new logo available in the main phone window.


Upon entering the Tick-Tock Pink Logo, we found it too popular with people and people who want it in their apps. Therefore, we have compiled all of the above step by step instructions to enable them to assist you with replacing the logo as they see fit.

Have you changed the logo in your application? Do share with us in the comments section to let us know exactly what it looks like.