It takes the ultimate dedication to operate a vineyard, let alone a winery. It’s a field where hard work and determination aren’t enough; you must also have the proper knowledge. But if there ever was anyone better equipped to excel in the wine industry, it is Ralph Hertelendy. Having his first experience with wine at age five, he still remembers the delicious experience in vivid detail. Dedicated to the art of wine-making, Hertelendy Vineyards is the vehicle Ralph uses to amplify his love of wine while navigating the demanding wine industry. Fueled by passion to preserve the legacy of wine, Hertelendy Vineyards sets new guidelines for wine culture.

What started out from a bottle of 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon has blossomed into an empire containing a variety of Bordeaux and an impressive Chardonnay collection worth praising. At Hertelendy Vineyards, the taste of quality is evident from the quality of their grapes to the steps taken to ensure proper barrel aging. Planted on Rockwell Ridge in Napa Valley, Hertelendy Vineyards utilizes its rocky terrain in the growing of their grapes, thus giving its wine that rich robust flavor that has made the Hertelendy name famous. Using a volcanic ash-rich soil as its base is a technique used within the family since the eighteenth century. This strong sense of tradition is what Hertelendy Vineyards strives to preserve to this day.    

Knowing the importance of preservation has aided in the progress that Hertelendy has made within the industry. At Hertelendy, the statement “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is shown in its approach towards wine aging—reds being barrel-aged for twenty three months and whites for nineteen—but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Giving its wines an additional year to settle, Hertelendy’s success can be attributed to this principle of patience in the process. Though this may seem like an unnecessary step to some, these are the building blocks that Hertelendy has followed to ensure quality above all. In addition to pristine wine production, Hertelendy Vineyards’ approach towards the enjoyment of wine is also a contributing factor of success.   

Patrons start on the path of becoming members through the Luxe loyalty program as they accumulate points with wine purchases. This allows them insider access to the specific benefits of becoming a club member. By opening this window of opportunity, Hertelendy offers a sip of the rewards that a membership with Hertelendy can provide.

The next level up is the Classic club membership. Having the access to all Hertelendy has to offer, a Classic membership is a wine connoisseur’s dream. Grandfathered pricing at ten percent off is just one of the perks of being a member. With access to a variety of wine, patrons get to enjoy six bottles of wine, twice a year. Making available the best that the spring and winter seasons have to offer, patrons are given the opportunity to taste wines that only members are privy to through complimentary wine tastings. As Classic members, patrons get to experience wine like never before. 

Elite club membership takes the Hertelendy experience to the next—and highest—level. In addition to all the benefits of the Classic members, patrons of the Elite membership are invited to a new approach to wine. In addition to grandfathered pricing of fifteen percent off and enjoying twice the amount of wine, Elite members are granted access to exclusive wines, crafted in small, limited quantities. Elite members are welcome to indulge in Hertelendy’s library of vintage and large format wines that are otherwise only available at charity auctions. Elite members will feel as if they have their fingers on the pulse of the wine industry.

By offering the option of exclusivity, Hertelendy Vineyards is well on its way to becoming a high-end wine distributor. By keeping age-old traditions at the core of their production, they have instilled the taste of refinement and tradition back into wine.