Whether you live in the United States already or elsewhere in the world, chances are you haven’t yet experienced even half of what America has to offer. If you enjoy embarking upon spontaneous adventures, there are plenty of places for you to indulge your thrill-seeking side in the US. Here are just a few examples to inspire you to set out on your journey.

Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is situated in the Mojave Desert and is home to some of the most exciting nightlife spots in the world. Las Vegas is for you if you come alive once the sun has set. There are clubs, shows, casinos, fine dining restaurants, and lavish and extravagant hotel resorts to make you feel like a millionaire. The extreme desert landscape is also breathtaking and not for the faint of heart.


This frozen land is separated from the rest of the United States by the province of British Columbia in Canada. It is the largest state and is home to some of the most amazing forests and lakes in the world. If your thrills are less about adrenaline and more about finding places of awe, Alaska is where you should go. Be prepared by wrapping up in warm clothes and donning durable footwear to prevent the weather from ruining your experience.


On the opposite end of the climate scale, Hawaii attracts tourists for its beautiful sunshine and tropical weather. The archipelago is famed for its blue waters and perfect sandy beaches. Staying at a beach hotel in Waikiki will give you better access to the sea and opportunities for sunbathing or surfing. Hawaii boasts lush greenery and volcanoes as well as unique wildlife.

New York

New York is the most densely populated city in the United States and is home to hundreds if not thousands of unique and fascinating attractions. This city will keep you on your toes from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty. It’s known for its fast pace and bustling streets. Shopping opportunities, world class restaurants and ever-present culture imbue the city with a constant sense of excitement. History and creativity draw people from all over the world to participate in the fashion, music, theatre, comedy, and art movements.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles contains Hollywood, where much of the world’s popular media is created. Visiting here gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the celebrity elite and snap pictures of iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood sign and Sunset Boulevard. There are so many exciting sights and activities packed so closely together you’re sure to have an amazing time no matter what your interests might be. If you love contemporary culture and brilliant sunshine, Los Angeles beckons.

Even if you are a resident of the United States, it’s clear that there is so much to do and see within one country. Make the most of your time there and check some of these ideas off your bucket list.