For couples, sharers, and young families, a home is as much a social space as a practical one. There are dinner parties to host, children’s gatherings to supervise, and garden events to run throughout the summer. Making your home more of a social place where friends and family will love to converse is, therefore, a priority for many homeowners. Here’s how you’ll adjust your house to make it a little more social, encouraging more gatherings, dinners, and parties in the future. 

Outside Space

In the warmer months, a lovely garden can be a magnet to close friends and distant family. A garden that is well set up for social events is a blessing to a community, seeing as you can set up barbecue evenings and full-on parties in this space when it’s warm in the evening. There are several changes that you can make to a garden to make it more social, including:

  • Adding sturdy outside furniture that will withstand the weather to last several years
  • Adding paving so that on wet weekends there’s still somewhere to stand in the dry
  • Buying an umbrella to shelter under on particularly scorching days
  • Installing a barbecue or, even better, an outdoor pizza oven in your garden

The list goes on, and you’ll be able to see instinctively what’s needed in your own garden to make it a more social space for friends and family. 

Social Rooms

Some rooms in your home aren’t for socializing. The bathrooms and the bedrooms are obvious examples of these rooms. Indeed, during events and parties, it’s likely that only the downstairs portion of your home will host loved ones. Making these rooms – primarily your kitchen, your living room, and your dining room – perfect for socializing means tweaking furniture and tables so that people can sit and converse in groups or stand comfortably while talking. 

Meanwhile, you could even add a new room to the downstairs of your home. Search through modern conservatories and the many designs that might fit with your home in order to get inspiration for this project. A conservatory is the perfect social space year-round, with natural light helping friends and family feel comfortable and happy.


There are many other additions that you can make to your home to make it into a more social space. The list of these is long and worth researching in your own time, though here are some of the highlights:

  • A smart speaker sound system so that in every room you can play the same music for guests
  • A large additional fridge for cooled drinks during parties inside or outside
  • A cinema or games room that’ll draw in the friends of your children 

Then there are things that can subtract from the social ambiance of a room. A huge TV screen towards which all chairs are pointed can impinge on a conversation. Consider changing the layout of rooms away from these focal points in order to make the focus on socializing rather than looking at screens. 

These tips will help any household increase the social capacity and quality of their interior and exterior – making for a house people love to visit all year round.