Remembering college is a bittersweet affair. There’s the lifelong friendships, the endless exams, and all confusion that comes with growing up.

If you want something physical to remember college by, college memorabilia is a great investment. Take a look at the 3 types of college memorabilia that you can get your hands on.

1. Say It With Style

After putting in years of hard work, sleepless nights, and jaw-crunching deadlines, you want people to know that you’ve gone to college. Wearable college memorabilia is the perfect way to show everyone that you made it out of college alive!


A college hoodie can be used as comfy loungewear or as a throw-on piece for running past the store to get milk. College clothing stores are guaranteed to have hoodies in various colors that you can style to match your look.

Hoodies are most comfortable when they’re a little too big – size up once or twice for ultimate comfort!

Baseball Cap

Want something more subtle than a hoodie? Branded baseball caps are a great memorabilia option for you!

As one of the most versatile college clothing essentials, you can wear your cap as a fashion choice, or use it purely for its function while sun tanning or hiking.

2. Attach It to Something Else

For a more subtle display of college pride, you can get small pieces of memorabilia that attach to other items you own.


Do you have an old denim jacket that’s begging to be decorated? Or how about an artistic patched backpack?

You can get any kind of custom patch that you desire from 4incustompatch for universities to update your wardrobe subtly and stylishly.

Enamel Pins

Similar to patches, but less permanent, college pins are a timeless form of memorabilia. Stick them on a pin-pillow, on your pencil bag, or that old denim jacket.

If pinning onto thin fabric, use a piece of cardboard on the back of the fabric to help carry the weight of the pin.


Stickers of your college mascot, logo, or name are all popular forms of memorabilia. Use stickers on notebooks, organizers, or the top of your laptop.

Have you recently bought a car with hard-earned cash from a job your degree got you into? Let the world know about it with a college bumper sticker. If you’re still saving, don’t worry. Bumper stickers work on bicycles too!

3. Carry It With You

If carrying your college in your heart isn’t enough, why not carry around some memorabilia? These products are useful, reusable, and can last for years after you’ve finished college.


A keychain is a classic piece of memorabilia. You can find subtler keychains for a daily personal reminder of where you’ve come from, or an obnoxiously large keychain to let the world know that you graduated.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is essential to living your best life. A fancy branded water bottle is a wonderful way to remember your college while remembering to drink water!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are cute, fashionable, and functional. Get your hands on some college tote bags to make sure you have exactly what you need at all times.

If you want to get really into college pride, carry all your memorabilia in your tote bag. After all, they’re often large enough to rival Mary Poppins’ bag!

Look Back on Fond Memories With College Memorabilia

Whether you spent a few months in college or put in years of effort, it’s important to acknowledge and honor that time.

What piece of college memorabilia are you most likely to get?

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