After COVID, more and more people have wanted to escape from the traditional city and suburban living and escape to the countryside or wilderness. Many of us dream of a peaceful life amongst nature, and now, with remote working options, that’s becoming much more possible. 

This article will discuss how you can make this dream a reality. We’ll cover three exciting destinations for remote living, which we think will feed your desire for freedom and nature.

Read on to see how you could embrace your dreams of living amongst some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Scottish Highlands 

Scotland is much more than just its big cities. Its Highlands are some of the most beautiful remote areas in the world, with an abundance of rolling hills, rushing rivers and even the odd highland cow! 

If you dream of wild, untamed landscapes, Scotland could be the perfect place for you to embrace remote living to the fullest. Here are some things you should consider before heading to the Highlands:

  • The Weather – Scotland is a seasonal country. When you move to the UK, you will experience extremes in most weather conditions. Be prepared for very cold winters! 
  • Connectivity – many remote regions won’t have great access to cell phone signals, so if your job relies on this, it may be something to consider before moving. Internet speeds may also be slower in remote regions. 
  • The Price – the Highlands has become a popular remote living destination, and as a result, you’ll find the cost of living is high. Consider if this is something you can pay for before moving. 
  • Access To Services – one of the benefits of living in a smaller country like Scotland is that most services are still available to you when you live in a remote area. Even things such as legal support to help keep on top of your accounting are easily accessible; this can also be important when buying property in Scotland or selling property elsewhere. 

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is asking remote workers to come to Bali with their new ‘digital nomad’ visas. The visa allows you to work in the country for five years untaxed. 

Bali is a province filled with nature; you’ll find the warm climate gives life to thousands of palm trees, and the coast offers an ideal backdrop for those who love the beach. 

Bali could be your ideal remote living destination if you’re interested in a country with a low cost of living and like the idea of a tropical escape! Here are some more things to consider before moving to Bali:

  • The Climate – Bali has a tropical climate, which means it is hot all year round. They have a monsoon season from November to March, where you can expect high levels of rainfall. Ensure you’re ready to face the heat before committing to the idea of living in Bali. 
  • The language – while your remote work will likely remain the same, the official language of Bali is Balinese, and many locals will only speak this or other forms of Indonesian. Consider if you are willing to learn their language to make a living in Indonesia easier, you may need this for things such as grocery shopping or to make new friends and grow your social life there if you decide to stay. 
  • The location – if you’re dreaming of living in a quiet, nature-filled area, make sure to avoid booking accommodation or renting a home in the more populated areas of Bali. There is plenty of nature to be found, but it’ll take a keen eye to find a suitable home. 
  • Culture Shock – Indonesian culture, including daily routines, foods, and religion, differs from traditional Western cultures. Be prepared to adapt to a new way of living and embrace the traditions of moving to a new country.

Owls Head, Maine, USA

If you’re dreaming of an American escape, look no further than Owls Head, Maine. Owls head is a beautiful area of Maine filled with trees and hiking trails. It currently has a population of just over one thousand people and is ideal for those who dream of a life off the beaten track. 

Owls head is a great place to live if you like boating, with the beautiful Penobscot bay running along the coast. Birch Point State Park is also easily accessible to residents for hikes along some of the most beautiful woodland paths the USA offers. Here are some more things to consider before moving to Owl Head:

  • Modernity – a major benefit to moving to an area like Owl Head is that you benefit from the modernity of living in a ‘new’ area, such as easily accessible roads, food and drink establishments, and wifi, without sacrificing the remote escape you desire. 
  • The Cost Of Living – with it being a low-population area, there are few homes to rent in Owls Head. Buying a home is an expensive venture in most parts of Maine, and Owls Head is no different, with the average house price being around $595,000. However, these homes are well-built and boast fantastic bayside and woodland views – consider if this is an investment you would want to make for a remote working lifestyle. 
  • The Diversity – the latest census reports show that over 98% of the population in Owls Head are white Americans, and the medium age of residents is 47. So, if you’re a young person looking for an area that boasts diversity, this may not be your ideal location. 
  • The Politics – guns are legal in Maine, with no state permit required to purchase a firearm. If you’re not from the US and are not accustomed to such laws, it may be something to consider before making a move, depending on what you’re comfortable with. 

Are You Ready To Start Your Remote Adventure? 

We hope these three exciting destinations for a remote living have given you some inspiration for starting your adventure! Don’t forget to always consider the pros and cons and pick a place with accessibility options that suit your needs.