Even though it is now legal, shopping for cannabis in Seattle is not a walk in the park.  Without exercising caution, there’s a good chance you will end up regretting your purchase decision.  That’s mainly the case when buying weed online since it offers scammers the perfect space to raid unsuspecting consumers. 

You don’t want to lose your money or share private information unwillingly just because you are in dire need of weed.  For this reason, it pays off to do your due diligence ahead of time. Here are three red flags to look out for when buying weed online to avoid scams. 

  • Makes Dodgy Delivery Promises 

Always be wary of an online marijuana delivery service in Seattle that makes dodgy promises.  If a cannabis provider promises to deliver your order out of province, there is a good chance they may be unauthorized. There are strict rules and regulations governing weed delivery services, and a reputable dealer should adhere to all of them. 

Be sure to ask for licensing and certifications proof from a prospective cannabis dispensary before doing business with them.  A reputable service provider will never hesitate to share this information upon request. In short, you are better off counting on a trusted, licensed weed shop that knows the law. 

  • Too Much Personal Information Needed

It is normal to provide proof of age when counting on an online weed delivery service in Seattle WA.  This is standard practice, and there is no need to panic.  Things tend to be different when an online cannabis dealer asks for too much information as they might have ill motives. 

If they ask you to share your bank account information or credit card PIN, feel free to look elsewhere.  The law doesn’t account for sharing such information, and you may land yourself into trouble if you choose to ignore it. In short, never share your private information for any reason when buying weed online. 

  • Phishing Emails 

A reputable online WA cannabis delivery service attaches the company email to the business itself at all times.  But receiving an email from a random account should cause panic.  While phishing emails seem like a message from a leading brand, clicking on them could land you in trouble.  In most cases, you may contend with malware or identity theft.  If you come across such scammers, be sure to report them before they trick someone else.

Key Takeaway

Counting on online marijuana delivery services Seattle is a surefire way to get what you’re looking for without going through a lot. After all, you only place an order from the comfort of your home and wait for the delivery.  As appealing as it sounds, never make the mistake of buying your weed online blindly.

Be sure to carry out some research and determine what different online weed dispensaries offer customers.  That way, you will avoid buying from scammers who want to steal your information or money under your nose.