It is often said that the strength of a friendship is not measured by the length of time that you have known each other but rather the way in which you click and connect.

So, whether you and your best friend went to the same high school and have grown up together, or you met at a social event or at work, when it comes to celebrating their birthday, you will no doubt want to give them a birthday present that they will both love and use. 

With this in mind, continue reading to discover some thoughtful yet affordable birthday gifts for your best friend. 

Show Tickets

Naturally, the price of tickets to a musical, play, or comedy show in high-profile locations such as Times Square on Broadway are often absolutely astronomical, but local and regional theatre is substantially more affordably priced.

What is more, after the industry as a whole suffered such dire setbacks throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, buying tickets to see a fabulous show in your local town or city will not only make for a fantastic memory-making birthday experience for your best friend but will also help support the arts

Oversized Lounge Hoodie

You will no doubt have seen the range of different colors and designs of oversized lounge goodies, either advertised on social media or else in the homes of family members and other loved ones.

A trending product, a soft and snuggly oversized lounge hoodie is not just a beautifully thoughtful gift and one your bestie will treasure for years to come, but also an extremely practical one, especially for the fall and winter months. 

Modern Statement Jewelry

If your bestie loves wearing either bright, colorful, or more subtle and classic gold-colored jewelry, then you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right piece to suit them. These cute beaded bracelets make for a fun and sentimental birthday gift this year and are not just beautiful but incredibly affordable too. 

Jewelry has long since been one of the most treasured and adored types of gifts for men and women of all ages, and your best friend will be able to mix and match different outfits and other pieces of jewelry to complement the new addition to their collection. 

Pamper Hamper

It is more than likely that your best friend, while loving nothing more than a decadent and relaxing bubble bath or a soothing aromatherapy shower, is unlikely to treat herself to such toiletries and products, which makes such a gift the perfect way to show your love for her this birthday. 

There is a myriad of ready-made hampers packed full of pampering products available, either from a renowned and reputable online supplier or from the high street, but if you really want to make the hamper unique and personalized for your bestie, why not create a pamper hamper yourself. 

Source a cheap and attractive wicker basket or tray, line the bottom with tissue paper, and enjoy perusing various stores for different pampering tools and products, arranging each item within the basket and finishing with an esthetically attractive bow.