Holi is more than just a festival in India. 

It is one of those festivals that bring out our colourful personalities. It is a festival where no one scolds us for getting dirty or playing with water. In fact, the opposite usually happens. Every festival brings joys and moments for us to cherish. And what is a better way to preserve those moments than to give some memorabilia which our loved ones will always have to remember us by? 

Let’s look at these 5 timepieces that you can give to your loved ones. 

  • Gift Baskets: 

Gift baskets are the big yes to every occasion. You can customize them as per your choosing. You can add personal care kits, favorite snacks, and books to mix up everything. Possibilities are endless. Gift baskets are a wholesome gift idea. If you cannot decide upon one big gift, give many small ones. Many online stores sell ready made gift baskets or customize them specifically for you as per your demands. 

  • Sweets:

Sweets are another gift idea that you can never go wrong with, and what is a festival without having something sweet. This Holi, you can either opt for traditional sweets like Gujia or you can be a bit health conscious and opt for the sugar-free option. Sweets are a good way to start as well as end all days.

  • Watches: 

What is a better gift to give to your loved ones than to give the gift of time? By giving men or women gift watches, you give them time. Nowadays, you can customize the watches by engraving important dates or names on the bands. For couples, you can give couples watches. They look classy and are very useful in life as well.

Therefore, always purchase good gifts such as branded watches for girls and boys from trusted stores like Timex India. Check out the Timex Fria collection or the FIT 2.0. Whether you want to give your sister a smartwatch or a traditional jewellery watch – you can get the best of both worlds here at Timex! 

  • Plants: 

Plants not only add more shades of green to the Holi festival colors but also helps you to preserve the environment. You can choose from indoor plants to outdoor plants or even fake ones. Plant seeds are also another variation of this gift. Bouquets last only for a few days, but plants do last longer. 

  • Home Décor:  

If you have a knack for home décor or pretty things, you would definitely want this as your gift, or you would want to give this as a gift. You can give Feng Shui for Vastu shastra or just a random beautiful item. You will easily find home décor shops online and in-person to select the one that is suitable for you. Home décor gifts are also the better option to give as a return gift. 

Holi is more than just a festival in India. 

It’s an emotion. So make it count by giving your loved one the gift they deserve!