Want to leave comments about Houston Restaurant? Angry James Harden fans are writing Thirteen Restaurant Houston Reviews about this new restaurant in the U.S. Fans and supporters are leaving comments on the company’s profile on Google. But the restaurant hasn’t opened yet. Angry James Harden despised rockets when he left NBA fans with a bad taste in their mouths. He said all of this at a press conference on January 12, 2020. The restaurant is scheduled to open shortly. This article will provide you with all the details of the restaurant and the reviews from your fans across the internet.

What are the reviews of Thirteen Restaurant Houston?

The restaurant “Thirteen” in the United States is the talk of the city, as the restaurant has received a lot of criticism for the company’s profile on Google. The restaurant “Thirteen” has not yet opened and people are waiting for its opening. On January 13, 2020, some people went online to express their frustrations with the subsequent exchange.

Andrew Joseph of Win reported that the profile photo was changed on January 14, 2020 to a burning toilet. Fans are typing Thirteen Restaurant Houston Reviews on the company’s Google profile.

What were the negative reviews of James Harden?

Angry James Harden made negative comments for the Thirteen restaurant, which has yet to open. Harden has only one restaurant, which he will open in a while, while there are many one-star reviews piling up on Google. he says the restaurant will be trash like James Harden. A statement also mentioned that the restaurant’s owners do not know how to cook in court. There are many statements from readers and they are writing about the company profile on Google. This is Thirteen Restaurant Houston Reviews.

Are the reviews negative about the restaurant?

Many negative reviews accumulate on the company’s profile on Google. The restaurant has not yet opened. Many people also claimed that the restaurant started out strong, but ended with a disappointing meal. They also mentioned the bad taste of the meals served in the restaurant. The restaurant is scheduled to open later this month. It will open in 1911, Bagby Street. It’s James Harden’s restaurant, called “Thirteen.” The name is being mocked on social media platforms as people are heavily criticizing it for writing negative reviews about Thirteen Restaurant Houston.

Final verdict:

James Harden, whose restaurant is scheduled to open this month, will open on January 22, 2020. James Harden, who may no longer be with Houston, hasn’t stopped fans from grabbing this “Thirteen” restaurant online. . he has included the restaurant on the map, but there are no photos or reviews. Fans can now leave a one-star review for the “Thirteen” restaurant ahead of its opening. People are criticizing the restaurant and writing negative reviews about Thirteen Restaurant Houston. Leave your views last!