Are you writing reviews for Houston’s new “Thirteen” restaurant? Angry James Harden fans write a negative Thirteen Houston review about his new restaurant “Thirteen” in the United States. Many people are writing negative reviews about this new restaurant on the company profile page. However, the restaurant is scheduled to open.

James Harden, who was angered by the negative reviews, has scorned rockets and has an NBA following, leaving them in bad taste. He made remarks at a press conference scheduled for January 12, 2020. The “Thirteen” restaurant will open shortly. This article will tell you about the reviews of the restaurant “Thirteen” made by fans on the company profile page.

What are the thirteen negative reviews of Houston?

The restaurant, called “Thirteen”, is scheduled to open in the United States. This restaurant is heating up as it brought in a lot of negative comments on the company’s profile page on Google. The restaurant “Thirteen” is not open at the moment and people are writing a negative review before it opens. People expressed their frustrations on the internet by writing negative reviews about this restaurant.

Win’s Andrew Joseph reported on the profile makeover. It is said to have been changed on January 14, 2020 and changed to a burning toilet. People are writing a negative review of Thirteen Houston on their company’s profile page on Google.

Are the reviews negative for this restaurant?

James Harden declared annoyed by the negative comments of the restaurant “Thirteen” that is scheduled to open soon. Harden has only one food restaurant and is opening a new restaurant shortly. A lot of negative reviews are coming from fans and they are mounting.

One review says “Thirteen” restaurant will look like garbage, just like James Harden. Another statement mentioned to the restaurant owners that they cannot cook. There are many prevailing statements and fans write negatively for the company’s profile on Google. He is not very optimistic about Thirteen Houston Review.

Are the reviews of this restaurant positive?

No, people’s reviews are all negative. Many studies are seen on the company’s profile page on Google. This restaurant is scheduled to open shortly. Many people wrote that this food establishment started out strong; however, it ended up with disappointing customers.

These fans are also leaving statements about the bad taste that they had had for the meals at this restaurant. Slated to open later this month in 1911, Bagby St. The restaurant called “Thirteen” belongs to It is James Harden. The restaurant “Thirteen” is heating up on the Internet as people write the pessimistic Thirteen Houston Review.

Final verdict:

James Harden’s restaurant has yet to open and he will open the “Thirteen” restaurant on January 22, 2020. Harden, who is not with Houston, is not preventing anyone from roasting the restaurant on social media platforms. Fans can now write a one-star review of this restaurant. Google has included it on the map; however, no photos or reviews are available.

You can also write your reviews now if you experienced terrible taste at James Harden’s current restaurant. People have been very critical of the restaurant’s opening and are writing reviews about Thirteen Houston Review. Please leave your comments at the end!