Well, if you like to explore new places then this place Edinburgh would not be missed by you. Edinburgh, Scotland appears to be on everyone’s travel bucket list, and for first-timers like you, there are certain things and tips that you should know. It is great that you have booked Rail Online – London to Edinburgh Rail Tickets but what is next?

Well, this post is going to share with you some things and tips that you should know before you reach there and start your expedition. After all, an informed traveller always makes the most of his or her time. Actually the perfect way to enjoy travelling is to know the destination and even its environment first. Having proper prior knowledge about the place’s culture aids the tourists in integrating with the environment. It is also going to allow tourists to freely and comfily move around the sites.  Remember that Edinburgh, Scotland, is a splendid city home to most of Scotland’s popular lures. Stroll around the City of Edinburgh having the following things and tips to remember.

Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes 

Indeed, just like most of Europe, Edinburgh is a city best explored on foot and it is not unusual to clock up upwards of nearly twenty thousand steps in a single day when strolling through the city. Comfortable footwear is an absolute priority and it would be nice if you avoid wearing stiletto heels. After all, though your high heels look pretty, they certainly don’t blend well with cobblestone lanes! Of course, you would want to stay comfortable while you travel the beauties of this city!

Ups and downs are there 

Yes, because of its location in a specific hilly part of the UK, not to mention that much of the city is somewhat constructed on former Volcanic matter, there is absolutely no repudiating that the capital of Scotland is packed with ups and downs. As such, be definite to prepare for this and be ready to get a little lost.

After all, it is going to be in this way that you are going to discover entirely new sides of the city.  Come on, when you are in the new city; do as the locals do there. Once you pay attention to those small things, you will make your trip more fulfilling. 

Go through the beaten tourist track

One of the perfect Edinburgh travel tips or things you can have been that once you’ve seen all of the prime touristic attractions (Edinburgh Castle, even Arthur’s Seat, and Holyrood Palace to name but a couple ), be confident to discover the hidden gems of the city that numerous visitors miss in favour of their more well-known counterparts.

For example, the charm of Dean Village is simply delightful, whereas the Writers’ Museum offers the lives of Robert Burns, Walter Scott and even Robert Louis Stevenson. Otherwise, some of the lesser-known concealed gems on the fringes of the city include a day trip to Cramond Island (a kind of tidal island) and even Craigmillar Castle, ruins that date back to the 14th-century.


So, since you know these things now, make sure that you have a great time in this capital of Scotland!