Invisalign has soared in popularity within the last few years as a means of straightening your teeth and enhancing your smile. Why? Well, this is due to several reasons. Alternatively, you can visit this dentist who does Invisalign and high-quality dental implants in Chattanooga TN if you live in the area.

First Invisalign Surrey does not use metal brackets, arch wires, or tiny elastic bands. Instead, they use clear or “invisible” aligner trays to realign your smile. This allows you to receive the treatment you need in a subtle way. Second, Invisalign London trays are made of extremely flexible and durable plastic. You won’t have to worry about gum irritation or inflammation. Thirdly, because your trays are made from high-quality materials, you won’t have to worry about broken orthodontics. 

If you’re interested in learning more about receiving Invisalign near you, contact our dentist in Okotoks today! Our staff is here to answer all your questions and concerns. 

How Does Invisalign Work?

Regardless of whether receiving traditional braces or Invisalign treatment, both processes work in similar ways. check on Invisalign Before and After.

Your aligner trays are custom made to fit over your top and bottom row of teeth so they don’t shift out of place. This is done by taking dental x-rays, scans, and impressions of your teeth, gums, and the overall structure of your mouth. Your aligners exert a subtle, yet constant pressure on your teeth; this encourages a process known as ossification or bone growth. Your teeth will move gradually into a better, healthier position over time. 

You’ll receive a new set of aligners about every four to six weeks to ensure that your progress is continual. 

Always be sure to book a consultation with your dentist prior to undergoing any type of dental treatment in Okotoks. Usually, they’ll refer you to a dentist, who is a dental professional who exclusively specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth and irregularities with your jaw and therefore, your bite. A dentist will be able to break down the process step by step so you know exactly what to expect. 

What to Know Before Receiving Invisalign in Okotoks

The internet is a wonderful thing but sometimes it can lead to information overload; whether we’re looking for new recipes, book suggestions, international news, or more information on certain dental procedures, it can be hard to wade through it all, never mind know what’s reliable.

With that said, we’ve composed a list of the things you should be aware of before getting started with Invisalign treatment near you

Book a consultation with your dentist or an orthodontist. 

Arguably, this is the very first step that you should take. After all, who better to help you make an informed decision than an oral health professional? They’ll perform a comprehensive dental evaluation to establish a baseline of your oral hygiene and the degree of care that you need. 

To receive any type of orthodontic treatment near you, you’ll need to speak with an orthodontist. They may suggest Invisalign, or, they may tell you that traditional braces are more suited to your situation. 

Your teeth may need to be prepared to receive the treatment. 

Some people may require additional preparation before they can receive their trays and get started with their treatment. This typically requires reshaping your tooth by filing them down, slenderizing them, or reducing them down through a process called interproximal reduction (IPR). Interproximal reduction involves taking off a very small sliver of your actual tooth. 

You might experience a bit of pain. 

A large staple and, by extension, a popular selling point of Invisalign as an alternative measure is that it is much more comfortable than metal brackets. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some minor aches and pains, or at the very least, uncomfortableness. 

The repositioning of your teeth will create some discomfort. Your dentist will prescribe Advil or Tylenol to help manage any pain. Fortunately, your mouth and your body will quickly adjust to the feeling of wearing your clear aligner trays soon. 

You may talk a little funny at first. 

Invisalign treatment may briefly impact your ability to talk. For some, the effects are more pronounced than for others. But once again, the longer you wear your aligners, the more quickly you’ll adjust to them. 

You can still kiss when wearing your trays! 

As funny as it may sound, some people do worry about being able to do things they do in their everyday lives, and kissing is one of those things. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to smile, laugh, and yes, kiss while wearing your trays. The majority of people have said that Invisalign doesn’t impact their love life whatsoever. 

Just be sure to rinse your trays after to keep them clean and free of foreign bacteria. 

Another selling point regarding Invisalign is that it is claimed you won’t have to change your diet at all. With traditional braces, it’s best if you avoid eating hard and crunchy foods for a little while in your mouth because your teeth are very sensitive in the beginning.

With Invisalign, your aligners are designed to be removed while you eat or drink. But, there are some changes that you need to follow to keep them in good condition. It’s best if you only drink water while wearing your trays so they don’t stain. And, your mouth may grow dry quicker because of having them in, so you’ll also be encouraged to drink water more frequently as well. 

Overall, your diet won’t significantly change, but be sure that you follow all advice and instructions given to you by your dentist or orthodontics surrounding your eating habits. 

Caring for your teeth every day will take longer. 

Keeping up with your daily oral health regime is important. Brushing and flossing after each meal will help the orthodontics process go by smoothy as well as reduce bacteria, plaque, and tartar from building up. Furthermore, keeping your trays as clean as possible will keep your gums from becoming inflamed. 

Often, dentists recommend scrubbing your aligner trays with toothpaste. You can also purchase cleaning tablets and denture cleaner which will do the trick too. 

You can still receive teeth whitening treatment.

Having straight teeth is only half the battle when it comes to achieving that perfect “Hollywood smile” that a large majority of us desire. Being able to show off sparkly white teeth often accompanies realigning one’s teeth. 

Luckily, you’re still able to undergo teeth whitening treatment while using Invisalign. Hooray! 

Results start to show within a year or so.

On average, Invisalign treatment typically lasts anywhere between twelve to eighteen months. However, this is heavily dependent on your specific case and the extent of changes that need to be made to your teeth. Some people may see results within a year, others may see changes earlier than that and for others, it may be longer. 

But it’s not a competition; what matters the most is that you dutifully wear your aligners every day, brush and floss, and attend your dental checkups. 

 The treatment doesn’t end after your trays come out. 

You’ll most likely have to wear a retainer after. This device is designed to keep your teeth in place after your braces come off. Within the first few months especially, it’s important you wear your retainers to avoid problems down the road. 

Retainers are most often worn at night, although sometimes your dentist may recommend a permanent retainer that is not removable. 

 The cost of the treatment varies. 

As a rule of thumb, the more sets of aligners you receive, the more costly your treatment will be. Invisalign can cost a few thousand dollars. While this may seem expensive, it’s a long-term investment that, if you maintain good oral hygiene, will be worth it! 

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