Tankless water heaters are very popular for many reasons. The best out of all is that it is an energy-efficient model and that’s why people are preferring them over traditional water heaters. Many experienced Stockton plumbers recommend buying a tankless water heater for families who are small and don’t have a huge demand for hot water.  In addition, they also have lower energy costs and provide a constant supply of hot water.

If you are considering whether a tankless water heater worth buying or not, we are here to give you essential facts about tankless water heaters. These facts may help you decide whether you will invest in tankless hot water heaters.

  • Their initial cost is more than traditional tank water heaters

Although tankless water heater systems are best for saving money on energy bills, the buying cost of this model is quite higher than those traditional tank water heaters. Even though they are costlier, the cost will eventually add up as you will see a reduction in your energy bills down the line.

  • They should only be installed by a professional

For the installation of tankless water heaters, don’t think you can do this job on your own.

The installation of a tankless water heater is a job that must be left to certified and professional water heater installation experts. This type of model can be gas-powered or electricity-powered. Even if you need repairs or maintenance service for your tankless water heater, always call a licensed water heater repair Stockton expert.

  • They are smaller in size than storage water heaters

Fact that they are small in size, they will occupy less space. So, they can easily be mounted on walls, or even in the back of the cabinet.

  • Reduction in water bills

Tankless water heater are an on-demand water heater. It will heat the water as it is demanded or as you ask it. It doesn’t use water from storage tank to heat. So, there is no water stored before it goes for getting heated. So, they will save water and will also help reduce your water bills.

  • Tankless water heaters can provide you with hot water quicker than storage water heaters.

As there is no storage tank, the time used for filling up the tank with adequate hot water is wiped out. So, you can get hot water to your taps faster than you used to get from storage water heaters. Thus, it provides nearly instant hot water on your demand.

  • If you have larger water demands, you can’t rely on the tankless water heater

If your family has greater water demands, a tankless water heater unit may not be the right choice. Though, you can solve the problem by installing one more tankless water heater.

  • More energy efficient than storage water heaters

Since tankless water heaters are not required to store water at a particular temperature, they only heat water as it is demanded. This means they will use less energy to heat the water. Whereas storage water heater uses more energy, first to keep the water at a certain temperature and then reheat it for meeting your demands.

If you’re considering a tankless water heater installation at your home, rely on a certified water heater and drain cleaning Stockton company to do the job safely and properly.