Failure to identify the full extent of the car accident injury can be a source of massive regret. Any victim of a car collision should be aware of his or her rights and eligibility for compensation. Here are some of the fundamental things you should know about auto injuries and injury claims. Our expert Car accident injury lawyer at Klezmer Maudlin in Indianapolis can help you throughout the process.

Are automobile injuries proportional to the extent of damage on the car?

No. It is true that a car wrecked severely can implicate real danger to the life of the passengers on board. However, the extent of damage to the car does not always reflect the extent of the passengers’ injuries after a car accident. The truth is there are instances when a slow speeding car collision can result in severe injuries. Whiplash, a pain emanating from the cervical area, is a common vehicle accident injury during a minor collision. Sadly, this type of injury may persist longer, especially in the absence of prompt treatment.

If you had minor injuries after the car accident, does it mean you need to consult a doctor, although you think you are perfectly fine?

Yes. You still need a doctor’s expert advice. Do not be too confident about your condition, even if you think you only had minor injuries or none at all. Your body may be producing natural pain killers to protect you from trauma. Thus, you may not feel the pain right away. When you are calmer, the effects of natural pain killers fade. Soon, you will be able to sense pain. Because the pain and injuries are masked temporarily, verifying with a medical professional is essential to know your real physical condition. Also, any detected injuries may be treated suitably. Furthermore, if you refuse to seek immediate medical attention, you may find it difficult to obtain the compensatory amount you deserve because of a lack of adequate medical proof.

Should you hire a personal injury attorney even if the car accident injury is only minor?

Yes. Hiring your own personal injury attorney from among the local auto accident lawyers is necessary, particularly when the doctor detects existing danger to your overall health and wellness. Your personal injury attorney can represent you through all the legal procedures required when claiming compensation while you are recuperating. When hiring a personal injury attorney, find one from your area. For instance, if your area is within Oklahoma, you should get in touch with Tulsa personal injury lawyer to assist you in legal documents. He or she knows the existing and relevant laws imposed in the area; thus, you’re sure you will be duly represented.

Should you accept settlements without consulting a personal injury lawyer?

No. Do not accept settlements right away if you have not yet spoken with a local car accident lawyer. You might be offered an amount, which is below what you truly deserve. Car accident attorneys can assess your case and thereby shed light on what legal action is best.