Are you newly independent and have a plumbing problem? First time getting a plumber or not experience any fraud by one? Well, we have the right information for you. Just follow the tips given in this blog and educate yourself on how to avoid scams and get the best plumbing service in Dubai. There are many things you can neglect when you first get a plumbing service, most of the time, even if you get a real existing company, the service ends up being unreliable. 

It is important that you make sure that the company you hire for such services is truly worth it and not scammers, there are multiple companies that make a living by providing services with highly desirable conditions in adverts but end up making more trouble than it is worth. This is why you need to keep a check of a few things before you hire any plumbing service in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, according to Rehan Services. 

Let’s get into it:

1.Company registration

The company registration is highly important. If you have an interest in a company, it is always important to check if it has been registered. It’s also good to know if the company is register in the UAE or internationally. It’s good to know the law accordingly because according to the country of registration this can differ. Plumber in Dubai.

It is important for a plumbing company to register. Because the registration is what makes the company a legal entity. And that is the only way it can be legally liable for anything that it does wrong. So, it’s highly necessary that you use a service that is registered. 

2.Plumbing License

Make sure that the plumber that the company sends to you has a plumbing license. Because if they don’t, it’s a sure thing that they will mess up your plumbing services. There are many different companies that provide services without actually having licensed professionals. They instead train some people and hire them without any qualification.

This may seem like a cheaper alternative but these people do not understand the plumbing regulations. And the techniques are universally famous. This can make any future leaks or issues hard for normal plumbers to fix as they can mess up the order while putting things together.


Insurance is always key, if a company has no insurance, they have no backup. A Company with insurance for professional liability allows you to have a backup. In case things go wrong due to a company error in fixing things. The insurance can cover any damages that may occur or any accidents that create due to the company’s negligence. 

The insurance provides a backup for any mistake that may occur. You know that a company can compensate you properly if they have the right insurance. So always ask if they have insurance and if they do, what kind it is. 


Never look for temporary solutions. If you are going to seek professional help, it’s best to seek a long-term solution. It’s always good to have the warranties out of the way. Ask your service provider about the warranties they provide and how long the repairs are bound to last. You don’t want something that will only last a little white but break after a week. It’s good to get a general idea of how long the repairs are bound to last. Always use a company that provides long-term repairs. Plumber in Dubai.

5.Market Prices

Prices can be tricky; many people go for the lowest prices but end up in disappointment. This is a common occurrence; people often look for ways to save money but forget that the lower prices are often impossible for good service. On the other hand, some people go after the highest price because they think it will be better quality. And will have a longer warranty, this is also not true.

It’s always good to find the market price and compare it with the companies that you wish to hire. The best companies charge the right rate. They don’t fall into any extremes. The price may fluctuate but it is not extremely high or low for any good company. 

6.Reviews and Ratings

The best way to know if a plumbing service in Dubai is worth the time. It is through the use of the internet. It’s best to get the opinion of those who have had the pleasure of using a service. Before you through ratings and reviews. The best way to do that is Google reviews. It’s best to steer clear of sites like Review PLC and Trust Pilot as those are all paid to make the companies look good. Plumber in Dubai.

Google reviews are much strict, just like Manta, Google owns 70% of total reviews online. And most of these reviews are trustworthy because google only allows one device to comment on one company once. Others are deleted. There are many different ways people try to maneuver around the system. But they get catch easily as google owns most of our data online.

This allows for bad security online but amazing reviews that are mostly unbiased. You can use your own wit to filter through the rest of the reviews to see which one is better and which one is worst.

7.Company Credibility

The reviews tell you the company experience but it’s good to ask around to know about the company. For more credibility, ask questions on the review page, ask the company through call. Make sure to get the information you need and don’t worry about being annoying. As a bad plumbing service in Dubai is much harsher than just a leak. Plumber in Dubai.

An internal leak can cause damage to the paint and structural integrity of the walls and house in general. It causes cracks in the wall, moss to gather, and fungus to fester around the pipes. A company needs to know proper work so it can provide people with the right work.