Pakistan’s Third Largest City – Faisalabad is a thriving metropolis known for its unique cultural identity in the heart of Punjab. Being a planned city from the British Era, Faisalabad has gone through drastic changes over the past century and boasts the position of being one of the country’s largest real estate markets.

Dotted with several housing societies, the city is no short of quality living, however, with the announcement of the development of DHA Faisalabad, the city is set to make its mark on the map as a leisure destination, offering tradition with a husk of opulence. Since the housing scheme is in its initial stages, we shall guide you on the things you need to know about DHA Faisalabad.

About the Developers:

The society comes under the umbrella of ‘Defence Housing Authority’, meaning its developers are DHA Builders. Initiated in the early 1950s by former military personnel, DHA is one of Pakistan’s oldest housing schemes and it continues to expand to this day.

The developers offer several landmark projects that are dotted throughout the country, and each one encompasses their ideals of modern living embedded with luxury.

Some of the paramount projects of DHA Builders are:

·   DHA Islamabad

·       DHA Karachi

·       DHA Lahore

·       DHA Oasis

·       DHA Peshawar

Location of DHA Faisalabad

Looking at DHA Faisalabad location, it is situated on Main Canal Expressway, one of Faisalabad’s major highways. Other major roadways centering the society are Faisalabad Bypass Road and Chak Jhumra Road. This gives the society precedence as residents will be able to commute to the city through multiple routes.

Some of the city’s major landmarks that are close by are:

·   Gumti Fountain (24 Minute Drive)

·       Lyallpur Museum (25 Minute Drive)

·       Jinnah Gardens (27 Minute Drive)

·       Clock Tower (29 Minute Drive)


Since the society is set to encompass the luxury associated with the name ‘DHA’, DHA Faisalabad will enjoy some of the finest facilities the country has to offer. Set to be studded with extravagance and leisure-filled services, the society will offer nothing less than excellence.

Contemporary infrastructure, opulent services, and luxury recreation areas; the society has been planned not just to give residents a place to stay but an oasis to truly savour.

Some of the amenities that the society will offer are:

·   24/7 Gas and Electricity Supply

·       Contemporary Infrastructure

·       Water Supply

·       Bustling Commercial Areas

·       Quality Educational Institutes

·       Healthcare Facilities

·       Waste Disposal Systems

The society will also offer several luxury services such as:

·   Family Parks

·       Sports Complexes

·       Cinemas

·       Bowling Alleys

·       Indoor Entertainment Centers

To ensure your safety, the society will be embedded with CCTV cameras throughout major roadways and entrances, while security guards will regularly patrol the streets.

Prayer Areas

Following the footsteps of other DHA societies, DHA Faisalabad shall cater to all residents irrespective of religion, caste, or creed. Since development is underway, several mosques and churches are planned to be constructed. However, till their development is finished, residents can head over to nearby prayer areas.

Major Landmarks

To make the landscape more picturesque, the society has planned to erect several landmarks throughout the locality. This will not only add more charm to the area but will raise property values in the vicinity.

The legality of the Society

Based on DHA Faisalabad news, the society has been approved by GHQ, and its NOC is currently under process to be approved by the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA), meaning the society is legal.

Plots for Sale in DHA Faisalabad

Plots will be offered in both residential and commercial areas of the society. Plots serve as a secure investment that is bound to appreciate in terms of value, meaning it is one of the best investment opportunities for your hard-earned capital. As planning and development are underway, the value of these properties will soon hike, becoming one of the most sought-after localities in the city. DHA Faisalabad file rates will soon be available, which is why this is the perfect time for you to invest in DHA Faisalabad.

Plot sizes will be offered per government guidelines.

5 Marla4 Marla
10 Marla6 Marla
1 Kanal8 Marla

Why You Should Invest In DHA Faisalabad

Being developed by DHA Builders and situated at a prime location in the city – DHA Faisalabad is set to become Central Punjab’s largest real estate hub. With intricate blueprints designed for the society, the area’s property value is sure to appreciate at staggering rates.

Faisalabad already has an established real estate market, and with DHA entering the market, the city will make its mark among the top real estate markets in the country. The city already attracts millions in terms of investment and capital, and with current predictions, the market here is expected to grow at unprecedented rates.

Being the third-largest city, Faisalabad has a significantly high demand for housing, meaning as soon as the society is launched, investment is bound to start pouring in. Furthermore, the following reasons explain why investing in DHA Faisalabad is an ideal investment opportunity.

·      Well-renowned Developers – DHA Builders is a well-known name throughout the country’s real estate market, and being under its umbrella strengthens the society’s legitimacy.

·      Safe and Secure Investment – the society is FDA-approved, meaning your investment will remain safe and secure.

·      Rapid Development – Planning is underway and development will be swift, ensuring a vibrant community over the next few years.

·      Ideal Location – Located between Faisalabad’s major highways such as Canal Expressway and Faisalabad Bypass Road.

Looking at these factors, it can be said with ease that DHA Faisalabad is one of the best places for investment in the city. With predictions of continuing trends, this society is the perfect place for your investment.

How to Buy Property in DHA Faisalabad

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