Unfortunately, during this time of uncertainty, the world has changed. People are afraid, which is causing many of them to retreat into their shells and tighten the reins on their personal and business lives. It’s only temporary, and when this mess is all cleaned up, things shall go back to normal, at least on the surface. But until then, it’s every man (and woman) for himself, which means you need to be more aggressive than ever if you want to survive and thrive in this new economy. You need to grab every advantage you can get.

Unforeseen obstacles and problems are an inevitable part of life. Yet the problems we can anticipate and prepare for are far fewer than the problems we can’t. What none of us could have anticipated was the global economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus. Yet, this too shall pass. There is no vaccine to prevent or cure Covid-19. Once a person gets it, there is no known treatment to ease or remedy the symptoms. The virus itself eventually weakens the body’s immune system and the infected person succumbs to other illnesses.

In the meantime, we’ve all been thrust into a “new normal.” Businesses are struggling to survive. People are out of work. Entire industries have ground to a halt. Homes and apartments are empty. Factories are idle. Most retail businesses have shut down. And many governments, even the most robust, are paralyzed. This means that more people than ever before are looking for new ways to make money. To fill those holes in their wallet left by the lack of income from traditional jobs, more people than ever before are looking for new opportunities. And more people than ever before are willing to try almost anything once. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you who are prepared.

One of the bad things about this pandemic is that it has caused us to lose sight of the good things in life. We are all so focused on the bad things happening around us that we have lost sight of the fact that good things continue to happen. In an effort to keep ourselves from becoming too overwhelmed by bad things, many of us have turned to helping others. During this pandemic, many people have shown generosity and kindness beyond what I would have thought possible. Even during tough times, people will find ways to help each other. It’s good to care for others during this time of uncertainty. We should celebrate the positive things that we can do together during this difficult period. We should also find ways to support each other that goes beyond just words.

These are not normal times. Unfortunately, there are some very sick and twisted people in our society who are deliberately trying to bring us down. We must band together to protect each other, fight back against these evil forces and restore a semblance of “normalcy” as soon as possible.

We can do it; we can get back to where we were before the Coronavirus. Yes, there are some sectors that have been affected, such as industry, agriculture, and travel like tourism in Georgia, as well as study abroad, such as study in Georgia and Canada, but we can unite again to face this crisis.