With the growing popularity of Juul vaping devices, we don’t see it coming to a halt anytime soon. Moreover, because of its intuitive and unique designs and quality, people can’t seem to be getting enough.

Thus, there are numerous people out there who must be wanting to become a Juul wholesale distributor. However, there are certain factors and things you’d want to consider before actually becoming a Juul wholesale distributor. We’ve listed some aspects you must take into consideration:

Set Up Your Business/Shop in an Ideal Location

You really don’t need to open up a vape shop that is too big, small and medium-sized shops will do the job. However, what matters more is the location of your shop, not the size. 

What’s the point of opening a physical shop in an area which will not attract customers? For instance, opening your vape shop next to a clinic or old home would be totally inappropriate. 

Therefore, consider looking for a location for your shop in a high-traffic area. This is definitely going to attract customers who are just walking by and want to know and learn more about your vaping products.

Take it Online

Having an official website of your Juul wholesale business is of great importance too, as the majority of the people now opt for online shopping, especially during these Covid-19 times. 

You must run a website that is going to list all the vaping products you have in store for your customers, as well as providing the best shipping and delivery services out there, to gain the trust of your customers.

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Build a Reputation

Just like any other business out there, it is important to have a name of your own in any market or niche. 

This will not only help attract the right type of customers but will also help you build the right connections. This might be a hard task, however, winning the customer’s heart and satisfaction should be the utmost goal when establishing a good reputation

Therefore, it is important to focus on the quality of the products you will be offering to customers from the very start. This is the only way to help make your own name in the vaping world and make your Juul wholesale business more competitive and popular.

Leverage Different Channels

In today’s business world, it is important to build various channels, such as B2B (business to business) and affiliates. With an impressive marketing team, your Juul vape products will be advertised and marketed in order to increase sales. This would definitely get your Juul vapes to the forefront of all your target audience.

Also, it is crucial to market your products all the time. With numerous vape stores and brands emerging in the market, it is important to still have your name in the market.  You can do this by promotions, or sponsor posts on social media.

Get a Warehouse

A warehouse is imperative for stocking your Juul products, as well as keeping your storage organized and well managed. This is because authorities will ask you for proof if you have adequate and a good storing capacity in your warehouse. 

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Furthermore, you must have proof that you have ownership or an active lease of your storage.

Get Adequate Supplies

We’ve talked about getting a warehouse to store your supplies, but storing enough supplies in it is of great importance too. 

It is crucial to have enough supplies of the Juul vaping products to provide to your customers. Because, how will you be able to meet your customer’s needs if you’re not having adequate vaping supplies? 

Therefore, you must be prepared for any increase in demand for your products, so that you can supply your customers with products at the right time, as well as be knowledgeable and alert of when your stock quantity is running out so that you can order them more in time.


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