Knowing about the software

Before going to the video interview, the recruiter and their team should be familiar with the software they will be using for the interview. You have to do some research about the software to know about it. You can practice the software with your employees, by conducting interviews with them. It allows you to explore the option and it will help you to conduct the interview effectively. You should provide this software details to your candidates, so they can check it from their end.

Preparing the outline

You should prepare the interview questions and need to discuss them with your interviewing team to finalize the questions. So, you can interview more candidates and also you can save your time as well. An interviewer should plan about all the things such as how many rounds will be there in the interview? What should we do if we lost power or data connection from both ends? They have to plan alternative solutions for all the circumstances.

Notifying candidate

You must need to give proper intimation about the interview time and the process. You have to let them know about the software that will be used for the video interviewing and the procedure to join the interview through the software. Intimation of time will let them prepare for an interview in all ways. Because they have to arrange the video interview. They will require a proper place, power connection, and internet to attend the interview.

Arranging space

Arranging the space is important for the recruiter as well as the candidate. Because the place should have the maximum speed of internet and it has to be quit to conduct the interview peacefully. If any of them are not able to hear the voice or not able to see them, then it will be difficult for both of them. If you have the option to test audio and video, you should inform your candidates to check them before attending the interview.

Assessment Test

If you are using software for online interviews and you will be going to conduct the aptitude or technical question round as the first round. You should have to prepare the question paper properly then you should upload it before the scheduled interview time. It is better to upload it at the earliest and you can check from your end, how it is working. Because if this gets any problem then your entire process will get collapse.

Record the interview

Recording the interview will help you to find out the right candidate easily. You can discuss the recorded session with your other interviewing teammates and also you can go through the candidates interviewed by other people.

How to use the software for the online interview?

Before going to purchase any software or tool for conducting an online interview, you should have to do some research about the latest updates on the software and the option available in that. Ninja interview is one of the best software available in the market to conduct an online interview. It comes with plenty of advanced options and it makes you conduct your interview very simply.