A swimming pool is a valuable addition to any home. It helps you relax on hot summer afternoons and can improve your property’s appeal to prospective buyers. 

However, its expensiveness also means it can be a costly mistake if mishandled. Below are the crucial dos and don’ts of building a pool.

What to Avoid

Here are some frequent mistakes homeowners make when installing swimming pools. 

Overlooking Landscaping Companies

It seems unnecessary to call a landscaping company when what you need is a swimming pool. Unfortunately, this is the most common mistake by many homeowners.

A pool company exclusively focuses on pool design, cost, and installation. On the other hand, a landscaping firm evaluates how the pool will affect your yard’s outlook. They factor in other structures like patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens and how they combine with the pool to create a beautiful home.

If you don’t want trouble constructing a pergola or any other outdoor living space, hire a landscaping expert to set a layout before beginning swimming pool excavation. 

Overemphasising Aesthetics

When you browse real estate magazines and websites, beautiful pool designs will likely dazzle you. Of course, choosing attractive styles is good, but you must also consider other vital aspects like functionality, material, maintenance levels, and budget before settling on a specific choice. 

It’s worth noting that your pool will outlive most of the trends you see in magazines and social media. So you’ll thank yourself in the future for prioritising functionality and ease of maintenance over fancy, short-lived trends. 

Short-term Thinking

How do you envisage your outdoor space in five years? Even if you plan to do your project in stages, you need to set milestones now.

For instance, you can install an underground conduit to put a gas line for an outdoor fireplace. If you don’t, you’ll have to demolish existing structures to create a way for the gas supply. 

It’s a good idea to lay down plumbing to make it easier to add pool accessories. Hiring a good designer will help you make long-term plans. 

Wasting Space

Many homeowners overlook the number of people who’ll use the pool and fill space that could have otherwise been occupied by an outdoor kitchen, patio, or something else. 

If you intend to host poolside parties regularly, construct a large pool. Otherwise, install a small one and leave space for other outdoor structures. Consult a planning expert to ensure you use your outdoor space optimally.

Incorrect Budgeting

Choosing cheap materials during pool construction often results in disappointment. Swimming pools are an investment that requires appropriate budgeting. 

Before construction, build a list of the priorities and estimate how much each costs. Ensure you allocate slightly more than the projected estimate to cover miscellaneous expenses. Besides preparing for the project, planning saves you from dealing with stalled construction.

What to Do

Mistakes always cause regrets. Sometimes, they can be costly. The best way to avoid the abovementioned errors is to seek professional assistance. 

Start by hiring a landscaping expert. They will identify the best site for the pool and make the necessary adjustments to the terrain before installation. 

You can also hire a planning expert to help you in setting priorities. For instance, if you’d like to construct a shed or an outdoor kitchen, they will advise on what structures are needed to avoid future demolitions. 

Wrapping Up

In most homes, the swimming pool is the second most expensive structure after the house. If you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on a subpar pool, avoid making the above mistakes by hiring a professional. It will cost you extra money, but not as much as you would correcting these avoidable errors.