Pets are equal to family members in countless households. They give you unconditional love and warmth. After a long day, spending even few minutes with them is like a stress-buster.

However, dogs have the habit of jumping up and down all over the couch especially if they are young. As a result, they are likely to spread germs in your environment as well as on your couches if proper cleanliness measures are not taken.

Also, their urine and excreta stains also spoil the beauty and hygiene of the couch. Kids’ also can get exposed to these dirt elements that can disturb their health. Kids are also likely to put their fingers in the pets’ mouth. This can transmit diseases into the child. 

It is good to have pets around, but you need to exercise extra care and caution for maintaining hygiene particularly in the places you sit – couches, sofas, chairs and upholstered furniture. These must be kept clean and hygienic for the safety of your family members particularly pets.

Your pets can pass on germs on your couches, upholstery, mattress, etc. So, it is better to have knowledge about the hows and whats that can be done for couch cleaning as well as preventive measures that should be taken to help maintain safety and health in your household. Having pets is an endearing and loving experience.

However, you need to take all requisite hygiene precautions so their activities do not transfer any allergens and toxins into you and your children.

1. Dead skin cells

Just like we humans shed dead skin cells, pet also shed similar bodily elements on a regular basis that get strewn all over the place. Pets also have the habit to jiggle themselves often, which also leads to spread of dead skin cells in larger quantities.

Dead skin cells and dander are the primary food dust mites survive on predominantly. Dust mites are so miniscule that you would not be able to view them with naked eyes. Nonetheless, they can make you fall ill. Hence, regular professional couch cleaning is essential to remove this underlying dander from your couch.

2. Pet Hair

If you have a dog or some other pet, they are also likelier to shed hair as well. Pets drop hair in large quantity as well when they shake themselves clean.

Hair can get transmitted via air and thus get scattered in the remaining parts of your house all thanks to the HVAC system in your house. This is proven to cause major respiratory concerns like asthma, rhinitis, allergies etc.

If someone is already suffering from these aforementioned illnesses then it is more hazardous for such people. Pet hair in turn traps germs, microbes, bacteria and other allergy-causing toxins. Hence, if you have pets, then you need to carry out couch cleaning Canberra more efficiently as well as more regularly. You can also carry out routine vacuum cleaning for cleansing your sofa.

3. Germs

Pets can transmit microbes and microscopic germs on their body to the couch. These germs get released on the couch when they sit on it. As pets are four-legged along with long and sharp nails. Their nails also can collect certain amounts of bacteria and germs.

Germs are miniscule and all the more tough to see. Pets also carry fleas, ticks and small worm-like insects on their backs.  Fleas and ticks that remain on the pets also can transmit diseases that may get passed onto the kids and other family members. 

Regular couch cleaning may not do much to eliminate all these dirt elements from the couch and the health hazards rates also remain huge. You need a professional couch cleaning Canberra company to do the job of deep cleaning of your couch and also to sanitize it.

4. Urine and excreta 

Pets are animate creatures like human beings are. As a result, they also generate urine and excrement. To prevent their urine from coming out on the sofa you need to ensure to provide toilet-training to them. You can learn doing so from professional trainers.

Even after doing so, if your pet passes urine or excreta on your couch, then you need to get acquainted with doing couch cleaning with a DIY methods and also call in the professionals at the earliest if the problem persists. DIY cleaning will certainly stop the urine or excreta from going deeper into fibre of the couch.

However, it is also essential that you get the couch cleaned by a reliable couch cleaning Canberra company. Professionals working in couch cleaning in Canberra would not just clean and remove the stains from your couch, but they will also provide sanitization, disinfection and deodorization services for the maintenance of the couch.

Pets are lovable creatures who lighten up your day instantly with their selfless love and affection. However do not forget to opt for professional couch cleaning at the same time to maintain proper hygiene levels in your home.