Do you know anything about the game before opening it? Or you just prefer to count on your intuition? Choosing only one of the two extremes is not good whatsoever, that is why we created this article to help you. Here you can find basic information about Multiversus characters and see which hero is the most suitable for you. Let’s begin!

From the best to the worst

We prepared the Multiversus Tier list. All the characters are put in five different categories ranking from the best to the worst. But don’t think that choosing the strongest hero will promise you victory. You will have to find a character that will be strong, but also easily manageable. So, who is there?

  • Top Tier or S+

Multiversus developers decided to give Bugs Bunny the strongest stats in the game. You can use him in any situation and mode with no hesitation. Due to his multifunctional features you can be sure that it won’t be so easy to beat him by the other heroes. 

  • High tier or S

In the experienced hands of characters like Batman, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, Velma can bring so many troubles to the Bunny. They are not considered the best, but they can be put in any mode and even outbeat the strongest character. So, you should give them a try. 

  • Lower High Tier or A

Remember, that heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Shaggy can be used in any mode. But Steel Giant, Finn and Reindog are powerful in only one game mode (1v1 or 2v2). If you are a beginner, do not try to play for Morty. He is complex and cannot be managed by newbies. 

  • Mid tier or B

Not the best, not the worst – LeBron and Garnet. If you like a bit of challenge, they are perfect candidates for you. Just remember that you will have to try harder to achieve the same result in equal conditions than the characters from the above.

  • Low tier or C

Taz is for those who like hardcore. He is much weaker than the rest and you will have to lose a couple of thousand times just to shock everyone and win the battle. 

This list is relevant for patch 1.01. Which means that the hero’s stats will be changed and new characters will be added. So, keep up with the news.

Do you really need this?

Games are for fun, right? If you don’t want to sit and calculate the percentage of your possible victory, then who are we to judge? Pick your beloved character and smash all the buttons. No matter your gaming style we only wish you good luck!