Many companies doing business internationally have tested the ability of potential employees to speak English. In some cases these tests are performed by the HR department, while other companies use sample tests from older international language tests. What are the most common English language tests for new employees?

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In the 1980s and 1990s, TOEFL considered PBT (paper-based testing) a major player in language testing, and before American companies and colleges assumed that anyone had good grades – they had to write and speak. Is not a basic skill. Today, some companies in Asia use PBT for new employees.

TOEFL PBT is well known for its easy test scores, multiple choice audio and structured quizzes and extra writing. A personal interview in English can determine if a candidate covers the shortcomings of the actual test without a speech section.

The advantage of this test is that it tests students’ grammar, but the disadvantage is that it does not include the student’s practical English and only American English – which is ignored by many companies. Do business in English with speakers from different countries.


TOEIC, Northeast Asian Standard Examination in 1979 for Business English Online Test Proficient English. Content.

In recent years, some organizations have tested the TOEIC format on their own, especially as communication skills have changed and many of these businesses operate heavily online.

The advantage of TOEIC is that it uses real business content, but again, many English speakers, such as TOEFL PBT, often use international English as a second language rather than a standard pronunciation.

3. Self-inspection.

The main advantage of having a training unit to design tests related to the company’s actual performance is the tendency to create systematic speech and written tests based on the responsibilities of potential employees.

However, this test can take longer to set up and manage and is less expensive Gotest, so using an international test copy can focus on the company’s skills rather than potential capabilities. Employee.

In today’s global economy, there are many ways to test employees’ level of English proficiency, but the HR department must keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each method, and not every individual in the interview. .

Online English speaking courses for primary, secondary or advanced students, regardless of their abilities. Exercises used include dialogue exercises, useful phrases, stories, role-playing exercises, pronunciation, questions and answers, as well as online tests. If you want to spend some time each day, there are specialized English teachers who help with interactive video, audio and gaming content to help you master the basics of the language. Flashcards, writing and audio worksheets can also be used as additional supporting materials.

Learning English online can be flexible and personal as there is no time limit. You can learn at your own pace, add words, do a full workout or revisit lessons at any time. You are responsible for your own development, shortcomings, strengths and areas that need to be improved. It will be a completely new learning experience as it gives you oral exercises, visual exercises, memorization and repetition as well as writing to help you learn your new language completely.

Before starting the course, it is wise to use a wide range of diagnostic tools to assess your current level of English proficiency. Before entering the course, read the company’s terms and focus on specific requirements such as microphone and headset. During the course, pay attention to the lessons and repeat the difficult parts. If possible, try using rating tools or online tests to test your work. Establish an organized but flexible approach to formal learning and practice.