Do you need a website to sell home, office and outdoor furniture, appliances and fitness equipment, trailers and toys, pet supplies and musical instruments in the United States area? reviews might have come up while you were searching for these products online. This article will give you the information you need.

What’s Theolare com?

It is an electronic commercial website that offers a variety of products. Here are some categories of products that you can find on the website.

  • Kitchen and Dining, Accents & Storage
  • Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Bedrooms, Patio and Garden, Kids & Toddler Furniture.
  • Home Appliances, Home Decor. Outdoor Shade. Outdoor Lighting. Workshop. Garage. Toolboxes.
  • Equipment for Fitness, Sport, and Camping, Bike Trailers & Strollers. Toys.
  • Supplies for dogs, chicken coop, bird supplies, cat furniture, small animal cages, rabbit hutch
  • Music instruments

Additional information regarding the legitimacy of shipment can be found in the Is It Legit section.


  • Address –Mykola Topalo Fairview, Oregon 97024
  • Phone Number – (503)816-4869
  • Email Address –[email protected]
  • Contact person Not provided
  • Website Type – An e-commerce platform.
  • Website Address –
  • Sort by –option not available
  • Filter by –option not available
  • Tracking Package –not possible.
  • Shipping policy –Free shipping for orders over $40. For orders under $40, DHL charges will apply. According to the website, the product will arrive within 15-30 days. According to Reviews, the website contains contradictory information.
  • Customer can cancel their order within 14 days. The website cannot cancel orders if products have already been shipped. Customers will need to pay shipping costs.
  • Refund – You must return the item in a good condition and unworn. The refund will be processed within seven business days after inspection. Customer can contact their bank if a refund is not issued.
  • Terms & Conditions –Portal reserves the right to cancel your order, return items, or offer a refund. Some clauses appear to have been copied from other websites. Terms and conditions appear to be incorrect; Theolare com Reviewsare affected.
  • Product Price – Mentioned in US Dollars.
  • Payment –via PayPal. VISA, Master Card. American Express.


  • The e-commerce website made reasonable efforts to offer several payment options.
  • You can find many products in high demand under one roof.
  • These products are available at a discount compared to other sites.
  • The majority of these products are utilities and tools that simplify day-to-day living.
  • The descriptions of the products are included.

Cons Reviews reveals that there are many sides to the story. Here are the details:

  • The website stated that the product would be delivered within seven days after the order was placed. This is contrary to their shipping policy.
  • When ordering products, the product must be returned within 30 calendar days. This is contrary to their return policy.
  • Customer friendly policies are not available for the return, replacement or refund of items.
  • Website does not contain information about the owner.
  • The website does not include any information regarding the contact person.
  • For products that are not on sale, there is no link to direct navigation.
  • Customers can’t search for products by entering keywords. There are no filters or sorting options available. This makes it difficult to find the right product. You can verify this point in the reviews section.

Is Theolare Legit?

Please continue reading for further information regarding its legality.

  • Website Age – 24th of June 2021, 15 Days old. This is a negative sign.
  • Website Trust Score1% This is a Very Bad Trust Score’ that indicates the portal is not reliable.
  • Linking with Social Media –no Such Links
  • Originality of Policy Wordings – content seems to have been copied from another website.
  • Contact Information – The website has kept this important information secret.
  • Social media icons are available, but they’re broken.
  • Contactdetails are false and fake Reviews

There is no customer review section on Commentaries are not available.

It is not possible to refer to website on leading review sites like Reddit or Quora. It is important to be aware of credit card fraudmers by reading customer reviews on only a few other websites.

Final Verdict

You may now have some clarity regarding purchasing items from this site. Due to the low trust score, inconsistent shipment, returns and refund information, we strongly advise against purchasing any item from this site.