Are you looking to purchase an Mini Chiller? Most often, the Mini Chiller is needed in multi-story homes located in the United States as the inhabitants have a large refrigerator that stores food items within the kitchen. Instead of having to visit the kitchen several times to get water (or) drinks, these multi-story houses construct an additional pantry on the different floors, and place the Mini Chiller in the pantry. It’s also utilized in minibars.

Read the review to find out more about Theminichiller scam .

About Theminichiller:

Mini Chiller is a Mini Chiller beverage cooler lets you keep your favorite drink in stock. The stylish and compact Chiller has sleek stainless steel and black color that is suitable for small areas boat, RVs, or boats.

It can hold the capacity of 21 6-packs, for total of 126 bottles of your most loved beverage or soda. With 7 temperature settings, the temperatures vary between 37degF and 64degF. With a length of less than 3 feet The Mini Chiller can be carried wherever you want to store extra drinks. It features five slide-out racks as well as interior LED lights. We will find out if it is the Theminichiller Scam it isin the sections below.

The original price of this Mini Chiller is $299.99. But, it’s available for sale for $199.99 at 33% off on numerous websites. The photos from Mini Chiller Mini Chiller give an idea of the door, storage and the size. Mini Chiller is a compact and spacious chiller. Mini Chiller can store water and other beverages with ease. It’s a single door chiller.

How to use The Mini Chiller?

  • You must provide the proper base support to position Mini Chiller. Mini Chiller.
  • Connect to connect the Mini Chiller to the power outlet and
  • Adjust the thermostat. When it is set, the Mini Chiller will start cooling.
  • Check out the specifications below to determine if it whether it is the Theminichiller scam .

Specifications of Theminichiller:

  • Automatic defrost
  • 7 thermostat settings
  • The original price is $299.99
  • 3.4 cu. feet. storage
  • It has five easily-removable chrome racks that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of cans.
  • A large cooler that can be able to hold as much as 126 bottles
  • It comes with a simple-to-grip entrance.
  • It cools to a chilling 37 degF
  • Finish Stainless Steel
  • Freestanding design
  • LED lighting
  • Compressor cooling system
  • Color – Black
  • Configuration – Freezerless
  • Adjustable Temperature Control- Yes
  • Type of body is stainless steel
  • Dimensions of the Package 65x 46.99 41.99 41.99 cm 28 Kilograms
  • Included Components: Unit, user’s manual. It’s been accounted to determine if it whether it is the Theminichiller Scam
  • A powerful cooling system
  • Auto defrosting function
  • Mechanical temperature control
  • Stable Base


  • This cooler for beer cans is able to hold 126 beer cans at once in a cozy manner.
  • It’s got the perfect amount of space and can be made for storage of champagnes, beers and other beverages.
  • The cooler draws less electricity so that you pay less power.
  • Mini Chiller Mini Chiller has a stable base, which is able to rest solidly and doesn’t allow it to shake.


  • Glass doors are not liable to break
  • It is only able to store liquids
  • Making it work with batteries can be challenging

Is this product effective and worth the money or is it Theminichiller scam ?

  • It comes with a 120V 240W quiet, heavy-duty compressor that has small convection fans to speed up cooling.
  • It ensures constant air circulation and uniform temperature within the Chiller.
  • A left-hand hinged glass front door with a the stainless steel frame provides more of a view.
  • Its white LED interior lights it up Chiller.
  • A thermostat that is controlled by a mechanical mechanism lets you manage the temperature of your home in accordance with the seasons.

Overall, it’s effective and useful. This Mini Chiller product isn’t an Scam. However, is not trustworthy.

about the name

  • is only 12 days old and is registered for just one year. This is why it’s considered to be a fraud by theminichiller.
  • The trust score on at 2 per cent, which is a disaster.
  • contains a large amount of threats, making it very be suspicious

About the product:

  • This product was registered with the same brand for 12 days thus is not as reliable.
  • There is a huge interest in Mini Chillers. Unfortunately, we were unable locate social media sites specifically for this Mini Chiller.
  • There is no review on a reputable website.

Customer Reviews of the Mini Chiller:

There are no reviews on Theminichiller through social networks, the internet and other reliable websites.

The verdict is:

There are claims that the Theminichiller scam Theminichiller Scamare authentic because the Mini Chiller is listed on with low threat level ofand high threat. Don’t make use of this cooler to store fresh food items like meats, vegetables fruit, cream or other items. This cooler is only used for drinks that are liquid. In addition the glass door could crack if you put the Chiller in the wrong place.