The Circle is an amazing reality show in the United States where people never meet face to face. The players live in an apartment that is screened to talk to each other. Each player starts the game by creating profiles that include age, relationship, profile picture, and status.

The only way to chat is to use The Circle app. If you are here to know how to use Thecircelvote com to rate your beloved player then continue with this article.

The Circle (TV series)

The Circle is a popular American television series in English. It has two seasons and twenty episodes, portrayed by Michelle Buteau.

The Circle season 1

• Started on January 1, 2020 and ended on December 30, 2020.

• Number of players – 14.

• Joey Sasso is the winner of this season with a prize of $ 100,000.

• Shubham Goel finished second.

• Sammie Cimarellli is the spectator master.

Season 2 of The Circle

• Aired on April 14 this year.

• The last episode will air on May 5, 2021.

• Recently, Week 2 of this season ended on April 21st.

Thecirclevote com: Vote for the beloved participant

Here is a guide on how to use the site to vote for a beloved participant

• Go to the official website of the com.

• The website displays the warning message “Don’t continue if you haven’t watched Season 2, 5-8 episodes”.

• Suppose you regularly browse The Circle, then press the “Circle, Enter Ranking” button given below.

• Ranking of players from lowest to highest who you think deserve the highest place.

• Hit the player’s picture in the bubble circle (ranking is from lowest to first).

• After ranking is complete, click the “Circle, Enter my Rating” button.

Is Thecirclevote com a legit site?

The website creation date is 11/20/2019 which is quite old. The portal’s trust rating is 60% and the trust rating is 50.6 / 100.

The series is quite popular in the world of television, watched and liked by many. The portal is also encrypted with https which means it is safe to use.

Given these factors, the website for voting for your dearest players is safe and you can use it without bothering.

Reviews of The Circle

The program has a 4.5-star Google rating out of 5. Thecirclevote com is a rating tool for viewers. One viewer said: “The show made me feel relieved, tense and made me laugh out loud. The game hosts unexpected challenges that make the series more exciting. “

Another says, “I started watching this right after the first episode I hooked up with; it was fun to watch.

It is said: “I recommend this to everyone for educational and entertainment purposes, it helps us get to know the unknown and mysterious world.”


Season two of The Circle began airing on April 14, 2021. The final episode of this season will air on May 5, 2021. Let’s assume you’re a die-hard fan of The Circle Series and want to vote for your favorite player. can certainly benefit from the portal “Thecirclevotecom”. According to our research, the website appears to be legitimate, but you can continue browsing once it’s finished.

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