Online shopping is a popular way to shop. However, there is a greater chance of fraud if there are more sites. There is so much fraud online these days that it is imperative to do your research before purchasing anything. It is important to be aware of the risks when shopping online. Nobody can afford to lose even a small amount. Today we will be providing reviews for an online website. We want to help you through Theartssite Review. 

What is Theartssite?

Theartssite, a US-based online portal, provides a variety of sun hats both for kids and adults. While there aren’t many items on their site, they have a new assortment of headgear that is extremely affordable. Fake sites can be dangerous so make sure you are careful before buying anything.

The website features a large variety of headwear for men and women. The straw-based goods are extremely organic. There is also a great selection for children.

Let’s look at more information about Is Theartssite legal? Or not.


  • It is an online shopping portal which sells sun hats for children and men.
  • Domain creation date: 2020-05-14
  • [email protected] can provide email-ids for customer service.URL link to the website is
  • The address of the company is also available at: 3641 West Hazelwood Street Phoenix, Arizona 85019 USA.
  • Customers can contact them via phone by providing a number as well as a contact person: Sherry Trytek (203) 949-9302.
  • The domain website was registered 14/05/2020, and will expire 14/05/2022
  • PayPal is an option for third-party payments.
  • While you’re checkingTheartssite reviewsWe found that there are options for refunds and returns.

Pros at Theartssite

  • An address for the company is available
  • You can reach us at the following number
  • Email-id support is available
  • There is a 30-day return policy.
  • A ten day refund policy is available

Cons of Theartssite

  • The refund process can take too long.
  • Links to social media are not working on this website
  • Many terms and conditions exist.
  • Only one type of deal is available.
  • They lack variety.
  • It is not possible to choose another currency.
  • There is only one payment gateway available.

Is Theartssite a legitimate website?

Consider the following points to find out how safe it actually is. We can then determine if the scam is genuine or not.

  • Addresses are available
  • You can reach us at the following number
  • Support email-ids are available
  • Exclusive Deals on a Single Product
  • Domain age:
  • Social media handles aren’t available
  • Spam rates are high
  • Domain age is 1 year, 1 month, and 15 Days.
  • There is only one payment method
  • They don’t have a large range of products that they can deal in.
  • The Trust score of this website is not very high.
  • Theartssite Review is not open to customer views.

Portal isn’t very user-friendly. It sometimes takes several clicks just to open any page. You are given a lot of misleading information. They claim they accept returns and refunds. However, they have included so many conditions to override that policy. The website is not legitimate because of all the points mentioned.

Customer Reviews

We tried to get some information about the website’s credibility, but there are no customer reviews. Also, the website has a poor social media presence. They’ve provided various social media links such as Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, but none seem working.

While you’re checkingTheartssite ReviewThe portal is not user-friendly, as well. There are many misleading details. They claim they accept returns and refunds. However, they have so many terms and conditions that they can override that policy.

There isn’t much that customers can do to keep them interested, but the product looks aren’t very appealing, and they don’t have much to offer. It seems that the portal is all about terms, conditions, and nothing else.

Final Verdict

The company deals only in two categories, which is a summary of all information. Website is not rated by customers. Word of mouth publicity is the most important publicity. But, while doing so,Theartssite ReviewsHowever, we couldn’t find anyone who had shared their experience with the site. It might be a scam.