The hub of the mostly illegal activities, dark web and without the hacking tools is honestly impossible. With thorough research, we have come to know some of the hacking tools that are employed in the darknet with their exact work. Here we are listing out them for your convenience:

  • Binwalk (Firmware Security Analysis & Extraction Tool)

Binwalk is one of the fastest python based easy to use firmware security analysis tools that is meant for analysis of firmware, reverse engineering that is followed by extraction of firmware images. It can scan firmware images for many different embedded file types and file systems. It can extract any files that it detects in the firmware images. It is able to identify interesting sections of data inside the firmware images and also permit one to search the specified files for a custom string.

  • zBang (Privileged Account Threat Detection Tool)

It is a hacking tool that is known for risk management for the privileged account threat detection on a scanned network. Red teamers and organisations can use zBang to identify the potential attack vectors and therefore improve the security posture of the network. The results are analysed with the help of graphic interface or by reviewing the raw output files. Five scanning modules in the tool perform the job – ACLight Scan, Skeleton Key Scan, SID History Scan, RiskySPNs Scan and Mystique Scan.

  • Memhunter (Automated Memory Resident Malware Detection)

It is a dark web tool that is meant to hunt the memory resident malware at scale by improving the threat hunter analysis process and remediation times. Memhunter is a self contained binary used to deploy and manage at scale, does not use memory dumps and completely relies on memory inspection to do its task. Also, it does not require any complex infrastructure for deployment.

Some more of the kind, darknet hacking tools are available in the market and what is provided here is just a couple of the many.

Operation Bayonet: The Successful Darknet Sting Operation To Takedown An Entire Dark Web Market

The dark web market has an amazing relation with the federal department as this is quite known from the cat and mouse games that are often spotted on the dark web. What the feds are up to it’s pretty simple which is hunt for the darknet markets, find out the administrator, tear the site making it offline and resulting in a dramatic takedown. When this is all over the law enforcement agencies hunt for the next darknet market under an operation.

One of such operations was a multinational law enforcement takedown named Operation Bayonet. It culminated in 2017 that targeted the most prominent darknet markets – AlphaBay and Hansa market. In many instances this operation was termed as not a mere takedown but an actual takeover.

Two Netherlands National High Tech crime unit officers have detailed their 10 month investigation into the Hansa darknet market, which was once the largest dark web market in Europe. The information that came into light was about Hansa’s operation wherein at its height 3,600 dealers offered over 24000 drug product listings from MDMA to Heroin and Cocaine. The trades also  included fraud tools and counterfeit documents. In operation, the Dutch investigators not only identified the alleged administrator duo of the black market Operation of Hansa dark web market but also hijacked the alleged’s accounts to take full control of the website.

It all started with the takedown of Hansa market and ended up with the takedown of AlphaBay market as well. The Hansa darknet market was already in the radar of the German authorities which the other law enforcement agencies used as a tool to track down Hansa. They found out that one of the servers was directly connected to the AlphaBay darknet market. The operatives immediately took down the darknet markets and arrested their administrators.

The dark web is a very tiny part of the World Wide Web and approximately 7000 to 30000 Tor .onion urls websites or Hidden Wiki links exist. The dark web is not impenetrable and within the reach of the law enforcement agencies which have been proven by several dark web markets getting busted and several people getting caught every other day.