Instagram is one of the remarkable social applications that has achieved jaw-dropping growth over time. Among the various social platforms, Instagram is the one that has accomplished notable change. Brands provide a big priority to Instagram, considering the massive increase in its user base. At present, Instagram is the potential medium for marketing. Many have been using it due to the vast growth it offers to brands. Today, the development of Instagram can be attributed mainly to its video-dominant nature. Many have their presence on Instagram and have been using it actively. So, to boost a brand’s reach, it is vital to have a presence on Instagram. In this article, I’m about to show you how Instagram has grown as a video-centric social platform over time. 

Earnviews on Instagram’s Characteristics:

When Instagram was introduced, it was a complete visual-centric social application. Brands gave huge priority to it as they can promote their products through Instagram. Moreover, the possibility to consume visual content in large numbers provided a new experience to the users. This, in turn, fuelled the user base of Instagram at a spontaneous pace. This image-centric social platform is easily glued to people. Subsequently, this resulted in its growth and gradually improved its user base. Hence, marketers started to watch it and realized that it was a suitable platform to generate leads. Earnviews stated that the characteristics of Instagram led to the emergence of new Influencers. 

Frequent Launch of New Features:

Instagram is the social platform that always amazes its users with new features. At least once in two years, Instagram will launch a feature that will become a huge hit. Hence, the frequent surprise provided by Instagram to its users has made it gain an unavoidable place in the social media marketing world. Earnviews stresses that every new feature from Instagram has helped it to impress a set of new audiences. The rolling-out of Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Reels had increased its popularity in manifolds. A notable aspect of this is that the launch of new features has made Instagram video-centric. 

On the other hand, Instagram shifted to a video-dominant application with the arrival of the new features. Moreover, people give massive importance to Instagram due to various ranges of content in it. So, if you want to create video content on Instagram, you can buy Instagram video views packages from any famous firm. This will bring down your workload for maximizing the traction of your content. 

Diversified Social Platform:

People are highly dependent on Instagram these days for various factors. It caters to the needs of everyone. For instance, there are people who are providing informative content on Instagram. In addition, people who have expertise in various fields are sharing their knowledge on Instagram. This helps them to earn a considerable follower base and makes them become Influencers. Instagram also brings many remarkable modifications to its platform for the benefit of the Influencers. 

Wrapping Up:

Instagram always cares about the budding Influencers. This is because Influencers have become the lifeline of this application. So, brands should note it and can tie-up with Instagram Influencers for marketing promotions. So, Instagram is always the talk of the town due to the notable growth it has been offering to the companies. Many have become famous by using Instagram, which is suitable for both Influencer Marketing and brand promotions.