As we know, the roof is a structural element. It forms, together with beams, pillars and foundation, the structural system of the building. In this way, the roof is dimensioned to withstand the stresses. Therefore, it consists of concrete and steel reinforcement, also known as hardware. One of the main functions of roof waterproofing is to ensure that the concrete remains intact, so that the steel reinforcement is not exposed and corroded.

The mismanagement and carelessness with this type of pathology can lead to resistance failures. The sings are such as, the appearance of cracks, and even, in extreme cases, to rupture.

For this reason, you must protect the roof from positive hydrostatic pressure. In this case, it is the water that is in direct contact with the upper face of the roof. It happens in the case of rainwater, puddles, or cleaning water, for example.

After the regular seepage control treatment on roof, you may need to build more structure on roof. In other case, a problem can happen in the roof insulation. In these cases, we do roof leakage waterproofing fixes. For warehouse waterproofing repair, mostly, we use chemical injection method. Let’s find about more info about this roof leakage treatment.

Chemical injection roof waterproofing

Chemical injection Roof Waterproofing in Lahore solves the problem directly at the infiltration points. It does not require major works to remove the asphalt blanket.

This translates into practicality and convenience, thus avoiding the discomforts of large works.

In the case of parking roofs, quick release for use is an extremely important factor.

Chemical injection waterproofing services in Islamabad treats the site, but it’s not the final solution.

The chemical injection waterproofs and seals the infiltration points. But, there is no way to guarantee that new openings will not appear in different places. After all, there was no replacement of the asphalt blanket that has reached its useful time.

In fact, it is very likely that new infiltration points will appear. Thus, new injection interventions are necessary.

For this reason, in some cases, roof waterproofing services DHA with chemical injection is a palliative solution.

It is also necessary to note that the appearance of cracks and openings in the structural elements may relate to the movement of the building.

In this sense, if the crack increases, new infiltration points will appear even in the chemical injection treatment places.

Ultimate solution for roof waterproofing

The Roof Power 100% Polyester waterproofing chemicals offer the definitive solution for basement waterproofing, roof garden waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, swimming pool waterproofing and wall waterproofing. After application on the problem of infiltration in roof, there does not need for major interventions and time-consuming works.

We apply the Flexible polyester directly to the roof forming a thin, extremely flexible and resistant protective layer. It does not need any more coating such as flooring and subfloor. Since, it is able to easily withstand pedestrian traffic, so it is suitable for light and heavy vehicles.

As this roof waterproofing treatment is done evenly, and not just at critical points, it is considered a permanent solution for underground water tank waterproofing, commercial overhead Water Tank Waterproofing, bathroom and tiles waterproofing and bathroom leakage treatment.