As a Florida homeowner, keeping up with your house and being sure it remains up to code at all times is one of your more important responsibilities. Like most investments in life, all properties necessitate upkeep as years go by to ensure maximum comfort and safety. If you have lived in your home for ten years or more, there’s a good chance you have mulled over investing in a roof replacement. However, before jumping to the decision to get a new roof, there are some obvious signs to look for to determine whether or not the time is proper for you and your house.

Right off the bat, on your quest to understand roofing, you’ve more than likely crossed the” 20″ year rule for the longevity of most roofs. That number is used as a benchmark. A great many residential roofs need replacing within that window. Yet, there are many factors to consider, and no rooftop is something similar. If you are looking for a roofing replacement contact a commercial roofing company near you.

Roofing systems take a lot of external wear and tear with every year that passes. Strong sunlight, powerful winds, flying trees, rodents, hurricanes, rain, or dangerous weather conditions – all of these have a direct correlation with a roof’s lifetime. How often your roof needs to be replaced depends on several things:

  • Weather.
  • Correct maintenance and preservation.
  • Age of the materials.
  • How good the materials used are.
  • Building and design.
  • Were repairs addressed when needed?
  • If wildlife was kept away.
  • External debris accumulation.

You Have An Old Roof

Before inspecting your roof for cracks, breaks, and other issues, an essential initial factor to consider is its age. A n old roofing system may require a whole replacement, even if the roof itself looks in good condition and shape. Older roofs were often built with roofing materials that are no longer useful or considered durable by today’s standards. Suppose your roof is 10 to 20 years or 30 years old. In that case, it may be time for a complete inspection and potentially investing in an entirely new roof altogether, and definitely, if your roof has been laid over a previously installed roof.

Perform An Interior Roof Check

Before going to end about getting a roof replacement, initiate your investigation at home by reviewing the disorder of the roof from the inside and outside. Bring a flashlight with you to your attic or to the area in your home where the interior of your roof is easy to see and look for the following signs to a more serious problem:

Beams of Light: Light beams are indicators of roofs that require replacements or repairs. For best results, inspect your attic during a time of day with exceptional sunlight to find and identify any light beams.

Leaks: Check the interior of your roofing area for drips and potential water damage. If the roof starting leak, other crucial structural areas of your property and its foundation are at raised risk, mainly if you do not address the roofing matter as fast as possible. Areas that are very damp can lead to additional rot along with mold growth that can contribute to breathing and other health ailments.

Streakin & Staining: Thoroughly look over all of the interiors of your roof and look for potential spots, stains, and streaking. Inspect any mysteriously colored area of the roof for extra information on its cause and possible leak offender. Stains and streaks located in the interior of your attic are red flags to a bigger and more severe problem involving your roof’s durability.

Look For Shingle Issues

Inspecting the shingles on your roof is another recommendation to iron out whether or not your roof is in need of further attention or a possible roof replacement entirely. While assessing the open air shingles of your home’s rooftop, make certain to search for any breaks, deformed shingles, or shingles that have twisted or bowed upwards

Asphalt that is warped, cracked, or misshapen may require a deeper examination to identify whether or not they can be replaced one by one or if the smarter choice is investing in roof replacement.

Finding shingle granules all over your roof or building up in your gutter can also be an indicator that the time has come for a total and thorough roof replacement. Large amounts of asphalt granule loss is a surefire sign that the roof’s condition isn’t where it should be to provide your roof can hold up to a large hurricane.

Excessive Growths On Your Roof

Dark spots usually caused by moss and algae growth. These might not be right knotted to when you required to swap your roof, Is there any moss or other types of nature growing on top or out of your roof that can damage your roof? If so, don’t worry. The natural world has a tendency to grow over any man-made building in its path if it is not properly tended to and maintained.

When examining your roof and the new growths you have spotted, make sure to do so by inspecting both the inside and outside of your roof. While most plant growths are likely to be seen from the outside of your roof, if there is a bigger problem on deck, nature may also be thriving on its own indoors without your knowledge.

Most of the time, eliminating the moss from a roof is a way to fix the issue without further investments or repairs rapidly. But, if you notice excessive growths around your roof or inside the property, the recommendation is to work with a professional to identify the root cause and reason for the growths.

The silver lining here is that natural growth and accumulation aren’t usually signs that you must fix or replace your roof. Rather, moss is more of just an eyesore on your roof and one that is extremely common in hot places like Southern Florida.

If you do require a full roof replacement, in the end, there then becomes a number of decisions that need to be made. Beginning with the roofing material to use, will you stick with asphalt or consider tile? Which roofing contractor will you hire, such as The Fort Worth Roofing Experts? If, by chance, there’s a valid insurance claim. For many homeowners having the money required in the bank to get a new roof may not be a possibility. There are financing options available for homeowners offered by many roofing companies. Make sure to do proper research before making your choice of contractor.