Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about packing for your summer holidays! These tips can be used all year round of course, but the topic of summer is getting us excited. So, we’re here to help packing easier, to help keep your clothes and toiletries all in great condition, so everything is ready to wear and use when you land in your dreamy destination. Let’s get into it! 

Use Packing Cubes

First up, you should definitely be using packing cubes. They help to compress your clothes down to save space in your luggage or any of your bags really! Some people are sceptical, but they really do save space and also help you to organise your clothes and accessories more efficiently. You can specifically get compression packing cubes which are great if you are usually an overpacker! They help to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and it makes unpacking when you arrive so much easier. You can get them really cheap online, or you can get more premium versions if the budget is there. Either way, get yourself some packing cubes and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them! 

Save Your Dry Cleaning Covers

Another great tip is to start saving dry cleaning covers. If you have any of your clothes dry cleaned, hold onto the plastic cover that it comes back in. When you pack for your holiday, you can place delicate items there, like silk shirts or anything else that might pull on less delicate items, so nothing gets damaged! This also provides an extra layer of protection from your toiletries. If you have an item that is really heavily sequined like special going out dresses or has strong design details that could pull other pieces of clothing, then it could go into the bag so everything on the outside is protected. This is just a great way to keep your clothes that extra bit safe. 

Double Bag Your Toiletries

When you’re travelling, all sorts of things can happen to your baggage. Whether it gets thrown around once you’ve checked it in or it is affected by the pressure of being in the air, there are a number of things that can cause your toiletries to get damaged. The last thing you want when you arrive on holiday is to find that you can’t wear many of your clothes, your special festival outfits or your stunning maxi dress because they’re covered in shampoo or sun cream! So, quite simply, make sure that you put your toiletries into your toiletry bag, then simply place that into a bin bag and tie it well. This gives you that extra bit of wiggle room in case something does go wrong, and if it does, you will be very glad you went to the very small effort of placing another bag around your toiletry bag so that everything isn’t ruined! A really big inconvenience can turn into a small mishap with just a bin bag, so this should definitely be part of your packing routine.