Rolling trays are used by true stoners, particularly by those who are worried about keeping every last bit of their priceless weed. They are available for purchase, manufacture, and even repurposing. Everything you need to know about rolling trays is provided here. 

One item of important stoner gear is a rolling tray. Using a rolling tray can save you time and effort when cleaning up after yourself instead of utilizing any old hard surface available, such as tables, chairs, or even books. It will also save you from wasting your precious herb. 

It’s crucial to note that having a medical marijuana card is a prerequisite for cannabis consumption in Houston. Acquiring this card grants you legal access to medical cannabis which you can get by getting in touch with an MMJ Card Doctor, making it convenient to purchase marijuana from nearby dispensaries. 

What Are Rolling Trays? 

Rolling trays, as their name suggests, are used to create joints and blunts, or pack bowls, without losing any cannabis, which makes your life much easier. Using a rolling tray is simple and self-contained compared to needlessly small or huge, uneven surfaces.

Advantages of Rolling Trays

  • No marijuana is wasted 
  • Level surface for excellent joints 
  • Room for storing documents, lighters, and other items 
  • Accessible in a large range, or you can create one on your own

A rolling tray can be thought of as the center of your cannabis-related activities. They can be straightforward slabs or a little kit with divisions or indentations to store your various supplies, like filters, papers, rollers, and grinders.

This is unquestionably a necessary piece of gear for anyone who enjoys joints and spliffs. With all of your other accessories conveniently near hand, it produces a tidy, orderly approach that yields excellent results.

Popular Materials for Rolling Trays

You may find rolling trays made of nearly any material, including silicone, plastic, and metal. It can be utilized to create a rolling tray as long as it offers a non-toxic surface for rolling.

Costs range from practically free (for do-it-yourselfers) to quite expensive. Finding a rolling tray that suits your needs both financially and practically is therefore quite possible.


A rolling tray’s main purpose is to provide you with enough space for your rolling ritual without being too big to store or move about. In light of this, the majority of rolling trays have dimensions that range widely but are typically at least 15-20 cm wide, roughly the same length, and a few centimeters deep. They can be circular, oblong, or even custom made, although they are typically square or rectangle shaped.

Fun Designs 

The designs that can be used on rolling trays are endless. Frequently, they can be made of simple wood or plastic, but it’s simple to get psychedelic art trays, as well as resin trays with glitter and stars on them and a variety of forms and things encased in colored or transparent materials. There are already a number of products available because this is a basic requirement for stoners.

Naturally, you can always make one yourself if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

DIY Rolling Trays

It’s really simple to make your own DIY rolling tray. Although you may be tempted to start with a plain book or a thick magazine, if you are not careful, your cannabis can easily flow over the sides and make the very mess you were hoping to avoid. Though you can experiment with slightly more complex solutions like mirrors, tiny jewelry trays, plates, cookie tin covers, or even frisbees, you might also be motivated to create your own if you’re searching for results that are consistent.

Here are a few suggestions.

DIY Metal Rolling Tray

Acquire a basic metal tray that is both big enough to roll joints and compact enough to be easily stored.

Take out any labels and give it a coat of paint to get the desired color. Once they are dry, add the glitter, decals, or other cutouts.

After that, apply epoxy all over the artwork. Alternatively, you may start with a softer material, such as hard cardboard, then paint it. You’re good as long as you use epoxy all over it to hold the embellishments in place.

DIY Resin Rolling Tray

Creating your own resin tray is also not that difficult. A silicone mold, resin, and resin hardener are required, along with disposable gloves, mixing cups made of clear plastic, resin pigment, and any glitter, gold leaf, or other materials you wish to add to the mixture.

Photographs, leaves, flowers, coins, or even imitation jewelry could be used for this. But keep in mind that flat things are what you need to embed in the resin because this will affect the tray’s thickness, how much resin you need, how long it takes to cure, and how useful it is in the end.

Put on gloves and follow the directions to prepare the hardener and resin in the cups. To add the pigment ink as desired, divide the resin (if using multi-colored resin) into separate cups.

Next, get the silicone mold ready, adding all the artistic components you desire. After adding the resins to the mold, allow them to solidify. The resin typically takes 24 to 48 hours to dry on its own. It can be dried quickly with a heat gun.

Alternative Uses for a Rolling Tray

There are a few inventive methods to use your essential cannabis device for other reasons, should you choose to do so.

  • Wall hanging: The first can be used as wall hangings, particularly for the more artistic trays. A lot of these have artwork that is just as lovely as a photograph. Why not make it visible?
  • Coaster: They might also be used as drink coasters, but you don’t want any moisture to get on your crumbs.
  • Window hanging: The clear epoxy trays can also be used as artistic window décor. Allow the sunlight to enter!
  • Jewelry holder: Perhaps you use them to store jewelry, such as your assortment of necklaces, earrings, and pins.

To legally consume cannabis in Houston, having a medical marijuana card is essential. Fortunately, obtaining one is a straightforward process – you can easily apply online and then purchase medical cannabis from a nearby dispensary.