There are a lot of guides about carpet cleaning. Although the topic itselft isn’t particulary complex, some of the thing might be more or less important efficient. As it it is always best to ask a professional – we have decided to contact Mark Wisken from Australian company Optima Cleaners, which offer different cleaning services, carpet cleaning being one of them. You can find more about it here: Here is the list of the most important things according to Mark:

1. Regular Vacuuming: The Foundation of Clean Carpets

Regular vacuuming is the first line of defense against dirt and dust buildup in your carpets. Aim to vacuum high-traffic areas at least once a week and less-frequented areas every two weeks. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to trap even the smallest particles, improving air quality in your home.

2. Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Consider your carpet type when selecting a vacuum. For plush or shag carpets, choose a vacuum with adjustable height settings and powerful suction. Low-pile carpets work well with a standard vacuum cleaner.

3. Vacuuming Techniques Matter

To maximize the effectiveness of your vacuuming, adopt proper techniques. Go over each area slowly, making several passes to ensure you pick up embedded dirt. Pay extra attention to corners, edges, and under furniture, as these areas tend to collect more dust and debris.

4. Invest in a High-Quality Carpet Cleaner

While vacuuming is crucial for regular maintenance, occasional deep cleaning is equally important. Consider investing in a high-quality carpet cleaner or renting one when needed. These machines use hot water and cleaning solutions to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, removing stubborn stains and allergens.

5. Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Not all cleaning solutions are suitable for every carpet type. Always check your carpet’s care instructions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For homemade solutions, a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap can work wonders for most carpets. For tougher stains, consider commercial carpet cleaners designed for specific problems like pet stains or red wine spills.

6. Blot, Don’t Rub Stains

When dealing with spills or stains, avoid the temptation to rub them vigorously. Instead, blot the affected area gently with a clean cloth or paper towel. Rubbing can spread the stain and damage the carpet fibers.

7. Tackle Stains Promptly

The key to successful stain removal is addressing them as soon as they happen. The longer a stain sits, the more it penetrates the carpet fibers, making it harder to remove. Be prepared with a stain removal kit that includes items like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda for various types of stains.

8. Regularly Rotate Furniture

To prevent carpet wear and tear in high-traffic areas, regularly rotate your furniture. This simple trick spreads out the load and prevents specific spots from becoming overly worn or soiled.

9. Rugs and Runners for Protection

Consider placing area rugs or carpet runners in high-traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways. These protective coverings can extend the life of your carpet and make it easier to clean.

10. Schedule Professional Cleaning

Even with regular maintenance, professional carpet cleaning is essential to keep your carpets in top shape. Experts recommend scheduling a professional cleaning at least once a year, or more frequently if you have pets or allergies.

11. Steam Cleaning for Deep Cleaning

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a highly effective method for deep cleaning carpets. This process involves injecting hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet and then extracting it along with dirt and grime. It’s particularly effective in removing allergens and deeply embedded dirt.

12. Dry Carpet Cleaning for Quick Results

Dry carpet cleaning is an excellent option when you need your carpets to dry quickly. It involves spreading a dry cleaning compound over the carpet, which attracts and encapsulates dirt. After a short waiting period, you can simply vacuum up the compound, leaving your carpets clean and almost instantly ready for use.

13. Protect Your Investment

Your carpets are a significant investment in your home, and proper care can extend their lifespan. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll not only maintain a spotless home but also ensure your carpets stay fresh and inviting for years to come.


A clean carpet not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment. With regular maintenance, the right cleaning techniques, and occasional professional help, you can enjoy spotless carpets that add comfort and style to your living spaces. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your vacuum, and start on the path to a cleaner, more inviting home today.