In Chilean football, there are three football squads that are seen as the “big ones” in the nation. The 1xBet apk can be downloaded into Android devices, and from there, fans can start betting on all these important teams. The three squads in question are:

  • Colo-Colo;
  • Universidad de Chile;
  • and Universidad Católica.

However, during the first half of the 20th century there was another team that was seen as the “fourth big one” within Chilean football. This team was known as Green Cross, and existed between 1916 and 1965. Unfortunately, in 1961, the team suffered a horrific tragedy. This was one of the direct contributors to their disappearance four years later. The apk offered by 1xBet can be installed in Android tablets and smartphones, and it can be used for betting on Chilean football.

Disaster, titles and reincarnation

Green Cross was founded in 1916. However, at that time, Chilean football was still completely amateur. Currently, the league is completely professional, and the 1xBet pk betting platform can be used to wager on it.

In 1933, it was decided to set up the first Chilean professional football competition. There were eight teams who were its founding members. One of them was Green Cross. At that moment, Colo-Colo was the most powerful squad in Chile. However, Universidad de Chile and also Green Cross started to seriously challenge Colo-Colo’s domination.

Colo-Colo, Universidad de Chile, and all the other teams in Chilean football can be wagered on the 1xBet pk website.

Eventually, in 1945 Green Cross reached probably the most important milestone in their entire history. This was the first time that they won a Chilean top division tournament. The future looked bright for the squad.

However, 1961 would be a year that forever changed Green Cross and Chilean football as a whole. On the 3rd of April of that year, an aircraft carrying the team between the Chilean capital of Santiago and the city of Temuco crashed. The accident occurred in the Andes mountains. To this day, the cause of the crash remains undetermined. However, it is thought that weather played an important factor in the disaster.

All 24 occupants died, including players, coaching staff and crew. Green Cross never recovered from this plane crash. In 1965, as the club was on the verge of bankruptcy, their board decided to merge the team with another Chilean football squad. This team was Deportes Temuco, which changed its name to Green Cross Temuco after the merger. However, in 1985, the team returned to their original name of Deportes Temuco. With that, the last remnants of the legendary Green Cross team died.