Did you know that embroidered patches have a history that dates back more than 2000 years to Ancient China? Custom patches are a fun way to show off your interests, values, and personality all over your favorite possessions. Finding the perfect embroidered patch is an exciting moment because you can customize anything from pants and jackets to backpacks.

You will find many types of patches out there, and no matter how many amazing custom patches you find you’ll need to learn how to style them on your favorite items. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learn all about the best ways that you can style your favorite customized patches to make the most of fashion trends.

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Hippie Style

One of the most famous ways to style embroidered patches is “hippie style”. If you’re going to find the roots of the embroidered patch in Western society then you’ll need to take a look at the Hippie Movement of the 1960s. 

The two best items to use hippie patches on are jeans and jackets. If you’re planning to capture that perfect hippie look, then it’s important to choose custom patches that show off sunshine and rainbows. You can’t go wrong with those types of patches and create that style with your favorite clothing items.

Heavy Metal Style

Another great option to consider when it comes to recent fashion trends and embroidered patches is the heavy metal look. The 1980s are famous for the metal heads that loved denim and showing off the custom patches of all of their favorite rock bands. This was a real point of pride, especially when worn over a classic band’s t-shirt.

Pair this look and these types of patches with slim-fit denim pants and a dog tag necklace and you will find yourself well on your way to becoming a fashion icon. It’s one of the most iconic ways to show off all of your favorite embroidered patches to the world.


If you have an embroidered patch that you love then a great option to consider is creating a piece of clothing that features only that embroidered patch. Find an old shirt that you love and pair it with a custom patch of your choice to create a new look from an old piece.

You can pair this minimalistic look with your favorite necklace and a pair of jeans for a unique and comfortable look. It’s one of the most effective ways to use custom patches is to change up your appearance and show off your interests.

Military Jacket

Military jackets are well-known for their embroidered patches, so it makes a ton of sense to style your favorite embroidered patches on an old military-style jacket that you’ve found at the local thrift store or Goodwill. You can create your own custom embroidered patches to proudly display while pulling off a classic look with the military jacket.

Military jackets and clothing are among the most amazing pieces that you can wear. This only gets boosted when you add an embroidered patch or 12 to improve the look. Don’t be afraid to add some jewels to make the custom patches stand out even more.


Jeans are another simple but eye-catching option if you’re looking to start styling your favorite embroidered patches in daily life. This is one of the most common options that many patch lovers choose to go with since it is easy and fun. Try to avoid making your pants look too busy, and find shirts that go well with the overall theme of your embroidered jeans.

Phone Cases

Embroidered patches might have a long and storied history, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on your phone case. Depending on the material of your phone case, you can attach your favorite custom patches to your phone and take them everywhere with you.

It’s even possible to make your phone match the patches that are on your favorite pair of jeans. You can’t go wrong by pairing this look with a nice pair of white sneakers. You will stand out even more from the crowd when you use this creative idea for your embroidered patches.


Sneakers are not immune to embroidered patches either. You can add your favorite types of patches to boots like Blundstones or to your favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars to show off more of your personality. It’s best to find cute patches that are smaller in size if you want to take advantage of this embroidered patch idea.


Backpacks are the perfect place for your favorite custom patches. If you’re keeping up with the latest fashion trends, then you’re well aware that 90s backpacks are back in fashion. The best way to create a memorable 90s backpack is by adding customized patches to the outside of it.

If you want to complete the look then you need to make sure that you rock a long-sleeved flannel shirt around your waist when wearing your new favorite backpack. It also goes well with mismatched nail colors and a baseball hat.


If you want to get outside of the box then you should consider creating a necklace that features your favorite embroidered patch. You can do this by piercing a hole in each side of the patch and running your favorite chain through it. You’ll never find a cheaper custom necklace that makes a big statement everywhere you go.

Make the Most of Your Embroidered Patches Today

Embroidered patches are a wonderful way to display your personality and your interests, and you have plenty of great options to use with all types of patches. Custom patches on backpacks are huge with current fashion trends, while military jackets with patches are iconic as always. You should even consider using your favorite embroidered patch to make an empowering necklace!

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