When a newbie broker first joins the Forex market, one of the most important jobs he or she must do is the search for a trading platform. There are two options available: either buy software from a development firm and install the platform, customizing it to meet the requirements of the organization, or choose White Label solutions that are pre-configured for the organization. According to data, 85 percent of first-time brokers pave the way for the second route.

What are the most significant advantages of White Label solutions?

These products provide a variety of advantages to novice brokers, including the following:

When it comes to Forex brokers, which White Label solutions are the most popular?

MetaTrader 4. Classics that stand the test of time

The MetaQuotes Software launched the MT 4 trading platform in 2005, and this trading platform has maintained its position atop the list of trading platforms ever since. Meanwhile, the MT4 cost is about $100,000 – brokers incur much too many expenditures at the outset of their careers.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform in the world, with more than 30 percent of brokers and more than 50 percent of traders worldwide using it. A diverse selection of trading tools, charting styles, and other ancillary features enable traders to conduct in-depth market research. As predicted by the experts, this method is equally beneficial for both beginners and experienced traders.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of new brokers choose to purchase this MetaTrader White Label solution, which includes a collection of plugins and customized settings.

MetaTrader 5. The trading industry’s future generation

According to the data, MT 5 is the second most popular worldwide trading platform behind cTrader. When compared to the previous edition, the fifth version of MetaTrader includes a number of new features and more sophisticated capabilities. Furthermore, this approach is adaptable to a variety of market conditions (MT 4 is designed for the Forex market exceptionally).

If you include the costs of maintenance and setup, the total cost of this trading platform comes to about $200 000. In comparison to the alternatives, this Forex White Label cost is about ten times less expensive.

As a result, brokers have the opportunity to build the most functional and effective trading platform at the lowest possible cost.

DX Trade platform 

This platform is being created by the DX Trade business, and brokers will benefit from a simple solution that will provide their traders with an enhanced interface, an integrated economic calendar, and a set of fundamental tools to study the market. This trading platform is compatible with both the foreign exchange and the contract for different markets.

How to get a WL solution for a Forex broker?

To successfully join the market, you must partner with a reliable business that you can rely on. B2Broker is a market-leading company that strives for excellence in every aspect of its operations. The firm recommends that brokers adopt high-end turnkey global Forex solutions in order to dominate the market right from the start of their operations. Additionally, brokers get access to new solutions created by B2Broker specialists in addition to the White Label trading platform range (B2Trader or B2Margin core products, for instance).