Coronavirus cases have been increasing drastically since 2019 up till now. China was the first country to announce the death of its first citizen due to COVID-19. As this virus spread through the droplets, containing the virus. It is inhaled by the other person; through the eyes, nose, or mouth.

This disease now has become the deadliest pandemic in history among 10 other diseases. COVID-19 symptoms are becoming more and more severe as the third wave of COVID-19 is said to be more deadly than previous and it has increased the number of cases.

The number of casualties in the country has already reached 600,000. All these reported cases bring the total number of incidents to 602,536. Similarly, with 46 casualties recorded in a single day, the nation’s COVID-19 death toll has risen to 13,476.

What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a coronavirus-related respiratory illness. Some people get infected but do not show any COVID-19 symptoms. Many people have had some minor symptoms which go away on their own by resting.

However, only one out of every six people can experience serious problems, such as respiratory issues.If you’re older or had some other health problem like diabetes and high blood pressure, you’re more likely to experience more severe symptoms.

Government health authorities report that while the current rate of outbreaks persists for a further two weeks, the condition could deteriorate because the country’s extremely strained health service is approaching capacity.

Approximately 90% of ventilation systems and oxygen beds have already been filled in several district hospitals, as well as several healthcare facilities are moving away from new patients because they have 100% of beds reserved for coronavirus treatments, this condition is now becoming common in several countries.

Vaccines are important for our human body as they lower the risks of getting infected, and helps in developing the immune system to develop protection from disease. Vaccines contain inactive parts of a particular organism which helps in triggering the immune system.

As it contains the non-dangerous particles of an organism so that our body could learn to fight against them. When our body comes directly in contact with the dangerous one, our body will be well-prepared to fight for it.

Vaccine for COVID-19 was made after several attempts from all around the world. After being tested and proving its authenticity it became available in the market and is now being used all around the world in 2021.

All the current vaccines which are available for the citizens are authorized, they are safe and effective and are proven to reduce the effect of illness. In public hospitals, China’s Sinopharm and CanSino vaccines are generally being used. In addition, private hospitals in large cities had begun administering the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which was manufactured by a pharmaceutical firm.

The South Asian country also had authorized its use of AstraZeneca and CoronaVac shots from the United Kingdom and China in an actual emergency. Both vaccines, on the other hand, were yet to be provided.

Symptoms of COVID-19

COVID-19 symptoms have continued to deteriorate, wreaking havoc on thousands of lives. Recent and mutated strains of the virus have exacerbated the problem and aided in the virus’s spread. Although some symptoms are minor and can be handled at home, there have been some signs of COVID that could be fatal and therefore should be treated as soon as possible.

Except for the three main COVID-19 symptoms of fever, dry cough, and exhaustion, some other serious SARs-COV-2 symptoms may be life-threatening and need medical attention. Dr. Luke Pratsides, a lead physician at Numan, a male health clinic, identified the three symptoms of COVID-19 that could be fatal in a discussion.

1.   Breathing Difficulties

 “COVID condition apart from the breathing difficulty is based on your strength on which you perform you daily-life activities such as bathing, walking, eating, and going up and downstairs as well as between rooms at home,” according to Dr. Pratsides.

He recommends home oxygen control and advises patients to seek medical assistance if necessary. Incapability to formulate or finish an entire sentence without having to stop for a breath or a pause is often considered a symptom of serious COVID infection.

2.   Dizziness

If a person feels dizzy or unconscious as a result of COVID’s ongoing symptoms, this can be dangerous.

These symptoms show that a person is not receiving oxygen which necessary at a certain level. And may also be suffering from respiratory syndrome, a disease that is severe and is caused by inflammation in the lungs.

Apart from extreme COVID-19 symptoms, the far more typical symptoms haven’t changed. Here are some of the most common COVID-19 symptoms to look out for.

·         Anxiety

·         Cough that is dry

·         A scratchy throat

·         Stuffy and runny nose

·         Tiredness

·         Loss of sensory organs and sensations

·         Headache

A lab test can confirm whether these symptoms are caused by COVID’19 or by some other infectious disease. It is important to get a test done as soon as you realize any symptom.


Whenever it refers to COVID-19, it’s more important to worry about how to avoid being infected with the infection and then have to think about how to handle it. In crowded environments, you must maintain social distance and wear your masks at all times. Hands should always be washed or sanitized, and regularly handled surfaces should be disinfected. Anyone who acquired COVID-19 symptoms, can get screened for such a virus and quarantine yourselves before your results are released and you test negative for the virus.

Drink a lot of juices and eat healthy food, to protect yourself and also to attain health which makes the condition worse and also makes the person weak. Start your vitamin doses and take as much precaution as you can and stay safe at home.

Moreover, get vaccinated by any COVID-19 vaccines available in your hospital. As all of them are reliable, effective, and safe. It is important to get vaccinated with the same brand if it requires two shots of it.