The second book published by American blogger and writer Mark Manson. The book was published by HarperOne, one of the world’s largest publishing companies, HarperCollins Publishers, on September 13, 2016.

The subtle art of not giving a F*ck is the first book on psychology that I read in full and that hooked me so much! With each page you read, more and more there is a feeling that you are understood, perceived and accepted. As if you are communicating with a close and sincerely loving person who disinterestedly wants to support you and direct your thoughts in the right direction. The book is incredibly interesting and addictive, making you think about who you are, not scolding, condemning or belittling you, but enveloping, warm and inspiring. Thank you very much to this author for giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself, into people, into this world and feel an unreal spectrum of emotions.

The subtle art of not giving a F*ck: my review

The author, in my opinion, has created a good instruction for eradicating feelings of envy, inferiority and other complexes.

I think that with the advent of social networks, and especially the “flourishing” Instagram, many confidently follow the path of observing the painted life of others, sometimes forgetting about their own development and the simple joys of their own existence.

When from the TV you can hear information that someone from the wilderness won the jackpot, the conclusion creeps up imperceptibly: everyone succeeds.

And his own self-esteem, which has dropped to the plinth, crawls like a vile worm and twists the will to action. This is what they achieved, and I am no more than the third rung of Maslow. It was here that the cunning American businessman saw the need of people to overthrow and devalue the show from the life of Instagrammers and created a bestseller.

The solution is simple: spit on everything. However, we were already aware of the fact that sometimes it is worth raising your hand and saying something.

In the book, I liked that the author was able to show by examples how not to constantly remind himself of his own shortcomings. Even affirmations have gotten in the book, although I practice them and I like the result. For example, I disagree with the fact that “You inspire yourself … that you are beautiful, because you do not feel beautiful.”

One can admit the thought that if I felt beautiful, then why would I need self-hypnosis? Means in the subconscious there is a belief in the opposite? I’ll think about that later.

A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

The most important thing that I liked about the book is that the author proposes to reduce the number of worries and consciously choose what to worry about and what to give a damn about. Mark Manson shows us ourselves with our endless anxieties, which ultimately cause us to run in circles and increasingly grow our own inferiority complex, created for ourselves by our own thoughts and feelings. The author gives a surprisingly familiar, easy and simple way out of the vicious circle.

In “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck”, Mark Manson lays out our aspirations and experiences. What to do to stop worrying and start living is probably the main idea of ​​the work. This was my first time learning about the Law of Backward Effort, and that over-striving for the positive will inevitably lead to negative. I disagree with many of the author’s statements, but I look at some things from his point of view and accept it.

I am firmly convinced that there is a golden mean in everything and that it is she who makes a person happy. Reality transurfing, the book that has become my desktop, teaches exactly this.

I also believe that a person may well act consciously and learn to control his word mix in his head. Nevertheless, dear friends, if you like to be disturbed or do not like it, but you are constantly worried and your brain readily tells you an idea or a topic about what to worry about, then this book will clearly help you to put things in order in your life.