Why stick to tons of paperwork when you can do it with just one tap. Sounds interesting, right? We have something for you by which you can make it possible. Of course, It is no miracle, just technological innovation. For your convenience, we have come up with a step-by-step guide on how to fax online.

Since most people are not familiar with online faxing services, this article is somehow for them. If you are familiar with this method, that’s great, but stick to this article if you are unknown. And read till the end to get to know about what this online service has to offer to you.


CocoFax is an all-in-all online faxing solution to make business communications more innovative, easier, and time-saving. CocoFax is one of the reputed software currently available in the market. Over 20,000 companies and individuals are already enjoying the perks with which it comes. 

CocoFax was ranked as a leader in online fax software G2. Indeed it is an incredible achievement to get such a reputed rank. It has gained the trust of people in no time with its exceptional services and next-gen security methods.

How to fax online?

Faxing online is far more convenient, time-saving, money-saving, and of course, more accessible than conventional faxing. Online faxing does not demand any fax machine. 

Since all the proceedings will be held digitally, there is no need to have a fax machine or get stable lines. All you need is a stable internet connection and any electronic device which connects to the internet.  


Login to your CocoFac account.


Select the option ‘Send Fax’ available on the dashboard. Now enter the details of the recipient (fax number) in the ‘To’ box and upload the documents to be faxed.

CocoFax supports many formats such as TIFF, COC, JPEG, PDF, XLS, etc.


Once you are done with composing and related work, click on the ‘Send; button. Further, CocoFax will give you a delivery report on the spot fax is received by the recipient. 

Visit the official website of CocoFax and learn more about this service.

Benefits of faxing online

There are many benefits to faxing online rather than lying on conventional means. Online faxing is very much time-saving as compared to old-time faxing. Online faxing is way more safe and secure and also gives one’s business opportunities to grow.

Faxing on the go

There was no concept of faxing on the go in the past. A person required a faxing machine, stable lines, and much more to send mere fax, but now the time has changed. CocoFax has introduced Faxing on the go, which means you can fax from any place, while traveling, or even while running other errands. 

You don’t require any particular means to fax, just an electronic device that connects to the internet and a stable internet connection. And you are good to fax.

Money Saver

Faxing online is such a money saver that it reduces all the previously used expenses to buy papers, maintenance of the fax machine, postings, and all such related ones. When you start faxing online, no such payment is to be paid, and you eventually save a lot of money. 

What CocoFax has to offer?

Another fundamental question is What CocoFax has to offer. CocoFax has a lot to offer to its customers. From on-time delivery reports to cost-effective monthly packages. From resending the faxes when not delivered to international faxing. 

And much, much more. CocoFax is offering a variety of features to make it easy for its users. Heed towards its homepage and see in detail what it has to offer to you.

Customer care service

Also, CocoFax provides one of the best customer care services for its users. All the staff is very professional and always ready to help. They make sure to satisfy the customer with whatever issue or query he is facing. The service is available 24/7 and 365, so don’t hesitate to contact them and ask away. 

Why choose CocoFax?

Of course, this question is valid since many applications are available in the market, so why choose CocoFax? CocoFax is one of the best applications one can come across. It provides every tool which is required for online faxing. 

Moreover, it has next-gen technology to protect the data of its users. All the documents the users attach while sending are protected with a 256-bit encrypted system. In fact, no third party can get access to your data. Further, CocoFax has launched a biometric system, which has added another wall of protection to one’s data.

Money-back guarantee 

CocoFax offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. If, at some point, the user wants to withdraw from the services so he can demand his money back as per the company’s policy. And he will be refunded without asking any questions. For further details, visit the official website or contact the customer care unit.  

How to run CocoFax?

CocoFax is very simple to use. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. If you know the basics, you are good to proceed with this service.


Create an account at the official website of CocoFax free of cost.


Choose your subscription package or opt for the 14-days free trial service to enhance your knowledge about this service. 


Choose the option of sending a fax on the dashboard and start faxing.

Subscription packages and free trial

CocoFax has got all the businesses and individuals. It has packages for all. The packages vary in prices and the services they are providing. But each of them is very light on the pocket and doesn’t demand a dime. 

Moreover, CocoFax offers a free trial of 14-days to its customers.  In this trial period, the customer can enjoy some facilities and get familiar with this outclass service. 

Premium security

CocoFax has next-gen technology to protect the data of its users. It has made sure that no other party can get access to the private data of the users. It has measures to protect the data from cybercrime. In short, it has premium security measures to keep the data safe and protected. So there is no need to get worried about the security measures.


We hope that we have cleared all the aspects of faxing online and choosing CocoFax to run this errand. Now it is your time to decide and get started. The world is already ahead, so why waste more time? Just take a plunge on the free trial and enhance your faxing ways. Also, we are waiting for your feedback. Do let us know about your experience.