When we see a white colored butterfly, it could be some kind of spiritual sign.

As our spirit world continually tries to establish communication with us, seeing butterflies would be a visible sign that it has messages for us. Therefore, we should pay better attention to those signs. However, what other meanings can the beautiful creature have?

The spiritual meaning of a white butterfly.

The spiritual meaning of the white butterfly depends on the cultures of the Earth. People of various cultures and religions have various beliefs when it comes to this butterfly.

The bearers of dreams.

Blackfoot, which is a tribe of Native Americans, considers these butterflies the bringers of dreams. When someone falls asleep, that person’s dreams are carried by what does a white butterfly mean. This is why they have the ability to travel quite easily between the physical world and the spirit world. They have the ability to carry messages.

The bearers of good luck.

In many religions in this world, white butterflies symbolize fortune and good luck. It is also said that they are the messengers that bring good news, or also the messengers that tell us that our life will be good.

The carriers of the soul.

In some countries like Ireland and China, white butterflies also carry the soul of the sick. Also, in Ireland, they even carry the souls of sick children. Until somewhere in the 17th century, killing white butterflies was illegal.

Messengers of changes.

The what does a white butterfly mean is the messenger that tells us that spiritual changes are coming. It can even be a sign of wisdom and spiritual growth. For example, for those of you who have recently started some spiritual practice, this butterfly will mean that you made the right decision.

Messages from the world of angels.

Butterflies are also an angelic sign. The angels want us to know that they are close to us. In addition, they constantly care for and protect us. When we are in a difficult situation, the white butterfly will be the sign of our angels and it will tell us that they will guide us through all the problems.

Messengers of bad or good weather.

The appearance of the white butterfly is usually related to the weather. For example, if this butterfly is the main butterfly of the hot summer season, it means that the summer is going to be rainy. However, they can even mean that summer is on its way, or that the heat is coming soon.

Omens of death.

Several cultures in the world consider white butterflies the omens of death. For example, the state of Maryland in the United States believes that white butterflies in the home are the sign that someone in the family will die.

On the other hand, starting the New Year seeing white butterflies will be an omen. It means that that particular year will bring news of death.

This beautiful creature exists all over the world. They have many spiritual meanings. To better know which one will be the best for us, we must analyze ourselves and our life thoroughly.