Are you looking for the most adorable dog on the Internet? Or “Are you just curious about the funny dog ​​movie The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog you found a few days ago?” Well, yeah you’re right, we’re going to talk about Maya-The Polar Bear Dog here.

This dog is gaining ground by the day, especially after his haircut video went viral on the internet. Maya Samoyed is more famous in the United States and now the dog has over a million followers on social media handles. Let’s see what made him so famous around the world.

Who is Maya The Samoyed Dog?

Maya is one of the most famous dogs in the world and has a strong charm in the United States. Also, The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog is a Samoyed breed which makes it look like a mini polar bear. It has verified social media support with over a million followers, especially on Instagram, is also known on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktoku under the username – mayapolarbear.

The dog is affectionately called Bei Bei and is now 11 years old, the owner is constantly sharing his photos and cute videos on online platforms to make people crave him even more. But what exactly made us noticed the dog and why it is gaining so much popularity on social networks.

What made The Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog famous?

If you are still not aware of the reason, you need to know that the dog was already famous for its exciting and cute movies. In addition, recently on January 15, 2021, a movie that belongs to Maya appeared on the Internet. You can see what he looks like a sizeable polar bear who buys a nice hair cream in China.

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In the movie, the dogs appear very attractive and well mannered, and the extensive hair makes them look like a polar bear. This is why people were so captivated by the movie and there were over a million views and the heart reacts day by day.

Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog – Public Reaction !!

As we already reported, the dog was already popular, but now it is a huge sensation on social media. It is also included in the list of the most famous dogs worldwide, which shows how people would be so related to the Maya.

People all over the world must like a dog very much and be attracted to every video and photo of them. People are especially attracted to Maya’s exciting appearance as she looks like a sizeable polar bear who is well-mannered and disciplined.

Final verdict

All said and done, the Samoyed Internet Celebrity Dog turns out to be the most adorable dog on the Internet, and if you’re a fan, you must stay one as it will soon be at the top of the list of the most famous dogs.

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