Bookkeeping has been an integral part of businesses since the turn of the century. No matter if the business is small or big, you need to keep a record of all the financial transactions happening under one roof. 

Systemization of all your spreadsheets and revenue records is important to ensure integrity of your financial data. You need to get an alignment between your entire financial operations regardless of the business size.

As the business and industry have evolved, accounting practices have changed too. The real-time question is whether or not you should switch to an accounting system and at what stage of your business do you actually need to start maintaining and keeping records.

The answer is clear: as soon as you think about starting your business. 

All financial records need to be tracked. Not having an accounting software is like questioning the financial integrity of your business.

Xero and SaaS

Xero software was made just for this entire purpose. Xero gives real-time financial insight to all its users. With several accounting options available, it is an easy-to-use system. The accuracy it provides to your financial data is a peace giver. 

The accurate financial knowledge of your business, helps in business growth and sustainability. Subscription software integration with Xero has changed the game entirely. It has digitalized and made accounting reach an exclusivity like never before.   

Whether you are a founder or an employee, software integration with xero is going to make your life-easier!

Understanding Integration with Xero

Liabilities, assets and equity make up a business’s balance sheet. Assets are account receivables, including fixed assets and inventory. These are tangible assets. Liabilities on the other hand are what a company owes, including but not limited to mortgages, loans and any other debts. Equity accounts include all the claims the owners have against the company. 

If you sign up for a subscription management platform select one that allows integration with Xero. Xero integration with subscription software allows revenue recognition without having to use spreadsheets. 

Subscription software offer multiple accounting option that you might not be able to get just with Xero. It enhances the already available features that Xero offers to its customers. 

Benefits of getting a Subscription Software integration with Xero 


Subscription management software is able to sustain the financial functionalities of a business. It automates the finances, provides extensive modules to keep a track of all the assets, liabilities and equity along with your clients’ monthly, yearly and recurring subscriptions. Automation of sales and finances, help manage the customer cycle of payments and subscriptions.

No hidden charges

If you use xero integration with subscription management software you only need to pay a specific charge. There are no hidden, unspecified, surprised charges or hidden fees that you’ll find in your monthly or yearly statement. Once you set up your account, transfers start arriving within a 2-day span. 

Revenue Reconciliation

Subscription software allows you to reconcile your revenue in real time. You can reconcile your payment transactions with all your bank accounts automatically. It gives fast and real insight to all the expenses, transfers, payments, cash flow. 

Invoicing like a Pro

You can create invoices with the built-in invoicing templates that are easy and simple to use. Customize the invoice according to your company details, branding and logo. It also offers the options of paying with a debit or credit card and allows you to set up recurring payments (again automation of payments).

Revenue Increase  

The major pro of any subscription software is the revenue increase. Not having trouble keeping your books and having an efficient software that automates your billing ultimately leads to business and revenue growth. Automated emails and reminders for outstanding payments, allows the customer to pay timely leading to a decrease in revenue loss.

Cost, time and data efficient

Subscription software is a hassle-free, quick and efficient system that leads to less data errors. No extra manual labor of data and record keeping is needed. This boosts up work productivity and cuts down on human error substantially.


Whenever you are considering a Best subscription management software, always look for its efficiency and convenience. The right software will always help you manage your revenue and lessen your burden, giving you more time to work on the growth aspect of the business.