If you live in a  house and do not plan to move to an apartment, then the question of purchasing a shed is a matter of time, a positive answer is provided for by itself. Very often, customers call us – garage installers – and ask which shed is best to buy. This is not an easy question, because to answer you need to know a lot about the client.

If you have a lot of land, a large family and you like to work on your garden , our advice is  – choose no less than 15×8 – almost everything can be stored there. If you put only unnecessary things there and then occasionally, 7×7 is quite suitable. Actually, you can also buy a shed for garbage cans, and the animals will not tear the garbage bags. If you are going to store  some equipment in the garage, then it is more logical to order the construction of a ramp for getting in.

As for the material, the most trouble-free in terms of price and installation is plastic. The main requirement for a plastic shed is a  floor. If you want to put  it  on ground or an uneven floor, it is better to refuse from such an idea, since the floor will bend and entail problems with opening the doors at least. A metal shed is supplied without a floor in the kit, you need to foresee this  point in advance. Wooden – the most expensive to buy and install, keep in mind that the floor and shingles are sold separately. It needs to be painted after installation. A wooden  shed is the most environmentally friendly and the most beautiful among others.

A very common service that our company performs is  assembly of home sports equipment. In the last couple of years, doing sports at home has become even more popular, and accordingly, many people want to get the most out of their workouts. In our opinion, the main criterion for choosing a sports gym is  what you do on your training and  the sufficiency of space in the house and. Remember  about optimal ventilation of the room . The floor should be solid to anchor the machine. A rubber tile is placed on top of the floor, which softens the fall . Do not forget that even a simple  machine like a treadmill, you can not take it out of the gym due to its size. You will have to disassemble it. Therefore, anticipate this question in advance. In general, it takes from 3-5 hours to assemble one gym, our guys have 5 years of experience, we will not waste a minute of your time. Everything will be assembled quickly and neatly. Our experts recommend that we carry out service maintenance of gyms . You can look at the regulations in the manual or, do at least 1 time per year.