An online packaging supply store can eliminate all the hassle of collecting supplies when moving to a new home or office. Undoubtedly, this kind of store is a one-stop shop. That said, it has some downsides as well. Keep reading to help you decide if working with an online packaging supply store is right for you.

The Pros of an Online Packaging Supply Store

Simple and Convenient

Convenience is king. Nothing is better than going to one place and getting everything you need. From corrugated boxes and packaging protection to tape and dispensers, you can get as much as you need in one go from the comfort of your home.

Cut Costs with Bulk Orders

When you buy in bulk, you take advantage of the reduced overhead the packaging supply store gets from your order. Since your order costs them less, you save some money. Additionally, if you order at the right time, you can bulk order during a discount offer, like when they have boxes for sale, and cut your costs even more.

Dedicated Customer Service

An online packaging supply store has customer service representatives to facilitate their customers. These individuals can answer any questions or concerns, determine the exact packing supplies you need, and even advise better options that are more useful and save you money.

Exclusive Line of Branded Items

Some online packing supply stores have exclusive items you cannot find in local retail stores. These products are often higher quality with lower prices because they go through a short supply chain to become available to you.

The Cons of an Online Packaging Supply Store

You Have to Buy in Large Volumes

Even though you save money when you buy in bulk, it can be a problem if you don’t need so much or lack the storage space. Many of these stores have a minimum order for their items, which is how they keep their business operational. Carefully analyze your moving needs or talk to a customer service agent at the packaging supply store to decide if you need certain supplies in a large volume. That said, buying in bulk will be beneficial if you have a business that regularly needs large volumes of packaging supplies.

Delivery Can Take Longer

Online orders have a processing time, and you can’t expect same-day delivery all the time, especially if the packaging supply store is geographically further away. It has to account for transportation time which can be delayed by external factors such as weather conditions. If you have spare time, this wait time should be fine. However, if your requirements are urgent, ordering online may not be the best choice unless you can find a reliable store that delivers timely.

In Conclusion

An online packaging supply store has many benefits. It is an easy way to get all the packing items you need in one go while saving money. While there are a couple of disadvantages, these usually aren’t major setbacks when relocating a home or office or finding packaging for your business. In fact, delivering right to your doorstep, an online packaging supply store can make moving a lot less stressful.